Hey, Ari Starr here.

I started EarthUnchained to explore my own success and share what worked for me.

And by ‘success’ I mean the fulfillment of a personal aim or purpose. So success looks much different for me than it will for you.

But most people follow a similar path to personal power. To begin my journey I made it my goal to uncover these universal paths and principles.

I decided on six main divisions to focus on:

  • Mind – How can I increase my intellectual capacity?
  • Body – How can I enhance my physical performance?
  • Spirit – How can I harness my energy and emotion?
  • Wealth – How can I master and grow my finances?
  • Social – How can I deepen my important relationships?
  • System – How can I improve personal and global frameworks?

These divisions simplified my life. They gave me a start point.

Next I looked to first principles. I created frameworks to master the basics so I wouldn’t get stuck in the details.

As I move through each division I tested and measured my core systems.

I adjusted them frequently until they delivered powerful results.

I know change doesn’t happen overnight. And I never expected it to. But it must happen if we want to evolve.

And I made it a goal to keep my systems flexible. Because I want you to find them easy to use. Not just me.

At the moment my systems are all in BETA. I will release each version when I see it can do good for all of us.

The truth is we are all STARS.

Some of us just lost our SPARKLE along the way.

I understand how you feel about that. Many others have felt the same way including me. And what I have found is that when you have a proven process to follow things become easier.

And that’s what I plan to deliver here on EarthUnchained.

Now, most people use my resources for their personal learning. While others use it to inspire their friends and family when they need a boost.

Whatever your reason for being here today, I hope I can help you find some valuable answers on your journey of discovery.

My short origin story.

In 2011 I woke up to an average day. But by midday the city was gone. At least that’s how I remember it.

You see a terrible earthquake hit the heart of my city. Many people lost their way. And I was one of them.

Adversity tests us all. Face these times with courage and you create a brighter future. But it’s never easy. And I assure you my journey to personal power was littered with darkness.

Most of the time I’m positive and cheerful. But during this period I became very upset. I experienced tension with friends and relatives. And withdraw from the world.

I took it hard. But I made an important agreement. I promised myself that I would not only recover from this mess but I would come out wiser and more powerful than before.

I’m still on my journey. And nowhere close to where I want to be. But I’m getting there.

The best part is I control my base for personal power now. It’s intrinsic. Which means nothing can take it away from me.

And as I learn and grow I’ll share my lessons with you.

If you’ll let me :-)

Here’s the thing.

I know you have heaps of unused capacities that you haven’t turned to your advantage yet.

And I agree you might’ve made mistakes in the past. At times you might have serious doubts whether you’ve made the right decisions or did the right things.

But we all feel this way at times.

We all fight a hard battle.

You can’t carry that kind of baggage around.

Remember this: You’re the product of thousands of years of evolution.

You ARE a perfect human being already.

You just need to retune yourself to the right vibrations – whatever they may be.

And I’d like to help you do it.

Which is why I created the SPIRIT DIVISION COURSE.

It’s for you. And others like you.

Because when your energy loses harmony it throws your whole system out of sync.

So if you’re ready now, then take a moment to join our little tribe of stars.

I’ll show you the basics of spiritual healing – and help you regain your SPARKLE.

Come join us here…

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  1. Thank you for sharing. This is very valuable to me, as I am feeling the same things that pushed you to evolve. This is amazing. You are amazin for giving the gift of your knowledge.

  2. Thank you for helping better reality.

  3. At a very frightening time for many of us here in the US, these are the words we need to lift us up.

  4. You’ve explained spiritual principles in a very succinct way that helps me believe I can apply them in my life to witness positive and lasting change.

  5. Being a hermetician this is knowledge is always there yet seems to always be untapped. Light, life and love to you and yours. TU for sharing.

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