Inner Peace: 40 Ways To Find Your Serenity

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IF YOU FELT inner peace and serenity in the past but find yourself losing your sense of spiritual calm, then continue reading and learn how to stay peaceful in the presence of stressors!

There once lived a little girl. She loved to play in her garden. She would hug the trees. Play among the flowers. Talk to the bees. And dance with the birds. She felt at peace.

One day a monster appeared. He ate the birds. Killed the bees. Crushed the flowers. And snapped the trees. The girl cried when she saw what happened.

The garden gave her peace of mind. Now it was gone. And the girl felt chaos. She became sad and afraid. She no longer went outside. She began to ruminate and fell into a state of distress.

Weeks passed until one day she made a life-changing decision. She decided to find peace from within. She realized that nothing external could ever have power over her. And what happened in the garden was external.

So she didn’t focus on it anymore. She learned to distance herself from all negativity. She found intrinsic happiness – the greatest lesson to achieve harmony.

In time she went outside again. And to her surprise, the garden was back to normal. Even brighter than before. Magical. Sometimes the monsters would come and go. But it didn’t bother her anymore. She felt at peace no matter what happened.

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”― Mahatma Gandhi

The fact is, adversity will test you. No doubt about it. But never look to the outside world for your inner peace. Make peace with yourself. You will only find power from within.

In this post, I will teach you how to find inner peace with yourself. This peace of mind refers to the conscious ability to stay composed when stressors arise. In other words, you learn how to know yourself at the core of your existence.

On the journey to inner peace, you also discover inner silence. But people often undervalue the power of silence. So they tend to skip the steps needed to achieve it. But this silent and serene state provides the contrast to stress and anxiety. It allows the mind to reverse inner turmoil and operate at an optimal level. As a result, you can achieve positive outcomes quicker and easier.

Through a peaceful state, people aim to find serenity and peace. In doing so, they seek to live a life of bliss, contentment, and happiness. These states release people from the harmful effects of stress and anxiety.

Some cultures consider inner peace a state of consciousness. Another step on the ladder to enlightenment. They believe that anyone can find inner peace through ancient methods. These methods include practices such as meditation and creative visualization.

Spiritual practices such as Hinduism and Buddhism often speak of inner peace. The words Shanti, Santhi or Shanthi, from Sanskrit translate to “be calm.” The idea of “being calm” embraces the concept of an existence filled with peace, restfulness, tranquility, and happiness.

The truth is, most people find it difficult to embrace their inner peace. Because on a day-to-day basis stressors get the better of them. And discovering joys in the little things can seem like hard work. But anyone can achieve inner peace and today we will show you how.

What is inner peace?

Peace of mind relates to a conscious state of emotional or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors (i.e., the monsters). Inner peace arises from self-acceptance. Letting go. And the path to discovering this internal order depends on you. The journey can go as smooth or as rough as you choose.

Part of the process requires the ability to remain present. Our brain often fills with wild thoughts. We ruminate. We stress about the future. This makes us suffer. And with so much mental noise, it makes sense that people fight to see the light within the darkness.

You can find inner peace in many ways. Learning the best fit for ones true nature poses the biggest challenge. But we can all discover inner peace when we choose to commit to it.

For example, Zen meditation requires us to ask questions. This process helps us gain clarity. To let go of emotional weight. The probing questions continue until the brain learns to stay ordered. But in Taoism one determines the nature of relationships between all things. Meaning we must never chase the answers. Let go of the questions and jump straight to acceptance.

“You are your master. Only you have the master keys to open the inner locks.” ― Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations

The journey to inner peace.

It begins with acceptance. Whether in the past, the future, or this present moment. You must learn to accept if you want inner peace in your life. You see, the past does not exist. It came and went like the wind. Gone. Unable to change in any way, shape, or form. And the future has not arrived yet. At some point, it will. But we have little idea on how it will manifest.

The best way is to embrace the power of now. Celebrate the moment. When we root in the present, we learn to let go of false attachments to past pains. When we create mental models of the future, we pull ourselves away from the now. In the now, we can let go and not only live but feel alive.

In the present, something strange begins to happen. One discovers the nature of their true self. They check their flaws and weakness and witness radiant beauty among all things. In the now, life becomes bright and beautiful. All potential eventualities become possible.

Inner peace releases us from suffering. It brings us closer to our true nature. We must learn to let go of everything. This freedom allows us to explore our existence at the core. And there we learn to embrace who we are. In time we discover the harmonious balance between the past, future, and present.

This insight allows us to let go of narratives and beliefs from the past. We do not limit ourselves to expectations of the future. And accept our existence at this present moment, in the now.

“Spirituality is not to be learned by flight from the world, or by running away from things, or by turning solitary and going apart from the world. Rather, we must learn an inner solitude wherever or with whomsoever we may be. We must learn to penetrate things and find God there.” ― Meister Eckhart

Why it’s hard to find inner peace.

Most people don’t feel peaceful from within. They don’t experience bliss and joy on a daily basis. And they often live with emotional pain.

But we all seek a calmer life filled with peace and progress. The hard part is when challenges rise beyond our capabilities like an insurmountable mountain. Though let me say right now – we can all win the battle – peace belongs to us. An effort of will can open your eyes to a place more peaceful than anything you’ve encountered before.

Nonetheless, the heart of the dilemma lies in the way we live. Society forces people to detach from the natural order of life on earth. Demands of everyday responsibilities drive us into despair. And we lose the sense of our natural state of existence.

Take a moment now to observe your problems. Notice how most of them begin in your mind. Destructive patterns arise in the same way. Something happened. It shocked you. It left an emotional footprint in your mind. You begin to ruminate. You create a story from the event and leave it on repeat. You start to view life through a distorted lens. This creates a perpetual cycle of suffering. It reinforces the broken wiring in your brain. It repeats the inner turmoil you felt when the events triggered the original pattern. This happens because the mind can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality.

Also, people love to brush off other people’s problems. People tell us things like, “get over it” or, “you think you have problems, wait until you hear what happened to me.” But the truth is we all face difficulties. Some big and some small. Either way, the perceived size of the obstacle is subjective. It remains relative to the comparison that the person makes in their mind. What appears insurmountable to one may seem trivial to another, and vice versa.

Regardless, we all face internal conflict. Because for years society conditioned us to attract problems and struggles. We built society this way. The concept of “getting over it” or “chilling out” does nothing for us. Why? Because we can’t get over a thing that we know little about. We must silence the mind first. Find the source and strike at the root of the problem.

An inner peace thought experiment.

Take a moment to close your eyes. Do it now before you read on. For 10 seconds I’d like you to silence your mind. Try your best. Search for total stillness. Observe your thoughts as they fight their way into your head.

How did you go? You may or may not have noticed the flood of feelings, ideas, and stories streaming into your mind. Most of them seem unrelated to any task at hand. These wild thoughts distract us. They pull us away from inner silence. We must learn to master them.

In the experiment above, you were lucky enough to observe some wild thoughts. You isolated them. Defined them. Now imagine what happens in our day-to-day lives. We go about our daily duties unaware of the chaos brewing within the brain. The thought pollution that takes hold of the mind can ravage the senses like weeds to a rose.

As a result, our inner space becomes cluttered with worthless information. From comparisons and complaints to concerns and commitments. The brain becomes overwhelmed. And the effects force us into emotional turbulence.

And when our inner space becomes turbulent, our ability to find clarity distorts. Our inborn wisdom grows dark. We lose touch with the sacred part of our spiritual selves – the part that connects us to intuition and the eternal wisdom within us.

Today, distractions cause a significant problem with finding inner peace. The world operates on an attention economy, and everyone wants to steal yours. The more attention a business or person can steal from you more, the more they gain. These noises tug at you. They tap into your needs and desires. They open spiritual wounds and pour salt into them. These distractions take us away from the vital things that mean the most to us, things that bring lasting happiness and fulfillment.

And whether you recognize this problem or not, the information overload will continue to pollute your mind on some level. In time this will affect both your emotions and desires. And the longer you stay unconscious of this fact, the faster life rushes past. Then one day you might wake and wonder where your life went. You might regret that you spent so much time on the trivial many than the vital few.

“Peace is the number one beautiful ornament you can wear, I really believe that. They say you should always wear a smile, but I don’t believe that you should “always” wear a smile, seriously, you’re going to look stupid! But peace, you should always carry peace within you, its the most beautifying thing you could ever have or do. Peace makes your heart beautiful and it makes you look beautiful, too. You want to have perfect physical posture when you stand, sit, and walk, and peace is the perfect posture of the soul, really. Try perfect posture outside as well as inside. Peace creates grace and grace gives peace.” ― C. JoyBell C.

How to begin finding inner peace.

The process begins with the mind. Shield the mind from distractions. The loud noises that permeate through life. Block the people who bring negativity and gossip. Drop the foods that carry the energy of fear and death. Protect yourself. Become conscious of the things that you allow into your life, including your own words, thoughts, and intentions.

You may not realize this, but most of us spend countless hours in comparison. We peer into other peoples lives. We sulk at the idea that others are living a better life than we are. We judge. We gossip. We even fear positive change and independence. We search for faults in others when in truth what we see is a reflection of our insecurities. A life like this does not equal serenity. You will never find peace when you fill your mind with poison. Drink poison and you will become poisoned. Drink water and you will become nourished.

Now, I agree you are able to control your inner peace in most situations. But sometimes you might find life gets so out of hand that you can’t seem to stop the rise of stress.

And I understand how you feel when you lose your peace of mind. I felt like this many times when anxiety and agitation took over. But I found that some methods, like the ones you’re about to read below, can help you regain inner peace again.

Just Imagine how much more adored, loved, and cherished you will feel when you can master inner peace and remain calm, controlled, and composed… even when those around you lose their minds?

Press “continue reading” to discover the most effective ways to help you find inner peace so you can achieve more fulfillment in life.

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Read these 40 ways to find your inner peace and live with deeper serenity.

We wrote these 40 ways to help you reach inner peace faster. When you go through your day with less stress and suffering you can regain clarity. With clarity, you can find more purpose and meaning in life. And pursue the dreams that inspire you the most.

Can you imagine how great that feels?

40. Take time off and recharge yourself to rediscover energetic equanimity.

Time away from the stressors of life can have a positive effect on the body’s energetic equilibrium. That fact is stress affects 77% of all Americans. 73% of these anxious folks experience psychological symptoms from their agitated state. This means that a tremendous amount of people suffer in silence. They lack inner peace and often pretend they have life under control. But they don’t. And they need a way to free themselves to find quietness from within. So frequent rest can help you find tranquility. Give yourself time to sit in silence. Empty your mind of wild thoughts. You can achieve this through meditation. Meditation retreats are often the catalyst for change when it comes to spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

39. Master essentialism to find control over mental external chaos.

Chaos thrives in the modern digital world. But the idea of essentialism helps to block the noise. As Lin Yutong puts it, “the wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.” Essentialism enables you to decide. Direct your effort towards the essential actions in your life. Make decisions which bring the most significant contribution towards your goals. Everyone is busy. But it’s not about how busy you are; it’s about how much you get done. Block out the noise and focus on the essentials. Excess noise causes stress and anxiety. It affects your inner peace. So learn to say no. Make deliberate choices or other people will take control over your life.

38. Stop rushing through your day to become conscious of special little moments.

Extraordinary moments are fleeting. Blink and you miss the magic. But it’s these special moments that often define our journey towards peace and love. The sad part is that busyness became an epidemic. Busy people experience more stress than fighter pilots and riot police. Busy people work more hours and get less done. They drive stress into their families, friends, and themselves. Don’t use “busy” as a measurement of importance. Don’t fill up your day for the sake of rushing through it. Take a deep breath. Slow down. Otherwise, you’ll miss all the special little moments that make life remarkable.

37. Say what you mean to remove the complexity and confusion of pseudo messages.

We often dance around important subjects. We imply something instead of saying what we want outright. The problem with this is we create confusion. When we say what we mean, we create clarity. And we confront uncomfortable situations that might follow. We deal with the core issue at hand. We can also call them “mixed messages.” Part of us says one thing, but the other parts say something else. This could come as a non-verbal cue such as involuntary movements of the body. People pick up on these cues and respond. Never limit expression. It stores negative energy and creates tension. Always say what you mean because the truth always brings you a step closer to peace.

36. Mean what you say to preserve your integrity and positive energy.

People often speak empty words. These words could cause long-term emotional and spiritual damage. For example, you might offer to help a friend move home. Or you may even say things like “I hate you” when you get heated. These are easy to say because they have an immediate impact on people. And you may think these casual won’t harm anyone. But they become lies that you internalize. And in time they develop into a guilty conscience that distracts you from the present. You must make a conscious commitment to transparency. You must mean what you say. Word is bond. Promising what you do not intend to fulfill creates negative, unfilled energy which feeds agony, not inner peace

35. Shield yourself from negative self-talk by making yourself into an island of inner peace.

Self-talk is painful when it becomes negative. It lowers self-esteem and produces anxiety. And, if you think about it, you would never express yourself in that way to others. It’s mean. Even though the contempt lies on the inside, doesn’t make it more acceptable. This abuse brings your energetic frequency down. You wouldn’t spend time with someone who speaks like that to you. It doesn’t make sense. We all thrive in positive environments. That’s why people say to spend time with those that love and inspire you. So next time you give yourself the nasty treatment – stop. Look for ways to help, not scorn yourself. You are an island of peace, composed and focused on progress.

34. Always show appreciation to create the peaceful energy of gratitude.

Gratitude creates peace of mind. It shifts your mind from lack to abundance. This brings a sense of calm into your life. You can show appreciation for anything. For example, you can show gratitude for the things you’ve done in the past – the stuff you’re doing now – the people in your life, or something trivial such as the beauty of a blade of glass or the golden hues of the sunrise. When your mind redirects to gratitude, happiness and a sense of inner peace soon follow.

33. Avoid saying to anyone if you don’t feel you can tell it to everyone.

People like to gossip. The temptation can draw you in. When a co-worker loses their job. Or someone you know experiences a misfortune. You might want to discuss it with those you trust – your allies. It may even be a positive discussion. But most often it’s negative. And in most cases, you would never repeat it back to the person. This means it should never have been spoken at all. Stay clear of gossip. It exhausts the soul. And nothing will drain your sense of calm faster than the awful energy of talking behind other people’s back, whether it’s positive or negative. Not to mention the negative Karma it creates in your life.

32. Tame your mind to redirect your thoughts and nurture the soul.

The mind can become erratic. It can pull you into negative thinking. As soon as that happens, you must stop what you’re doing. Then do whatever it takes to get your mind back on track. A polluted mind creates negative energy and inner conflict. This impacts your inner space, so you need to resolve your inner conflict when you feel it permeate your mind. Think of thoughts like a piece of rope. Now imagine two people tugging on this rope. One on either side. Now imagine one of person represents the troubles in your life. And the other represents your dreams. Only one can win your thoughts. So tame your mind. When it wanders, bring it back. Give the power to your dreams, and you create power to nourish the soul.

31. Practice personal acceptance to clear your mind and take peaceful new paths.

Acceptance helps you move on. But this doesn’t mean you should ever tolerate bad treatment. Instead, accept the situation, then do something to make it better for you. When you reject or refuse a situation, past or present, you create friction. Friction won’t get you to where you want to be. Be like water running down a river. If a rock blocks your path, go around it. Also, acceptance doesn’t mean you can give up on life. It means accepting where you are today and redirecting your thoughts to where you want to be. Acceptance means action. It also shows the ability to differentiate between the things you can and cannot change.

“There is no greater prize than a quiet, peaceful mind.” ― Rasheed Ogunlaru

30. Be kind to all beings because compassion will help to foster inner peace and love.

Compassion is a virtue when it comes to inner peace. Many people like to show empathy. They also want to pretend they care. But compassion takes it a step further. Compassion means you take action to show kindness. Kindness will always benefit your inner peace. Being unkind will poison your soul. If you say, mean things. Disregard beings in need and eat them. Take advantage of people. You will be unhappy. So take a moment to check yourself. If you’re miserable, you may need to change your behavior and become kinder. You’ll feel more at peace with yourself because you will like how you treat those around you.

29. Be careful with what you drink because it can make you irritable.

Some drinks can affect your state. Tea. Coffee. And even soft drinks and energy drinks all contain caffeine. Caffeine affects people in different ways. Take a look at how it makes you feel. If it makes you irritable over minor things, then you should stop or at least reduce consumption. Same goes for alcohol. If drinking beer, wine or liquor makes you uneasy or depressed, limit your drinking or remove it altogether. Clear thinking and inner peace are more important than a morning coffee or a nightcap.

28. Unclutter your home to redirect your mind towards clarity.

Your environment reflects your inner state. When your home (or office) becomes cluttered, it reveals the unstable condition within you. You can’t relax in a place that’s messy and disordered. As Katrina Mayer say, “Get rid of clutter and you may find that it was blocking the door you’ve been looking for.” Make your home and office a neat and ordered palace. You should relax when you open the door. Not panic. It should be a place of refuge for the senses.

27. Spend time with good people to inspire your evolution.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So be wise when you choose who those people are. Select those who inspire you and make you a better person. Not those who bring out the worst in you. Avoid those who complain. Blame. Gossip. And belittle your dreams and aspirations. I agree sometimes you can’t remove these people from your life. But you can limit contact with them. Chaotic people bring disorder into your life. You’ll find it tough to maintain serenity around them. And remember, you are not responsible for other peoples lives and happiness. You don’t need to please anybody. Do what’s right for your emotional wellbeing.

26. Get enough quality sleep so your brain can flush away unneeded information.

Magic happens in the brain while you sleep. In fact, more activity occurs in the brain while you sleep than when you’re awake. This process helps to store and encode important information as memories. Or discard information if the brain feels it’s unnecessary. Sleeping is a vital function of the mind. And scientists have shown that we perform much worse when we lose sleep. So when you go to bed late or disrupt your natural circadian rhythms through blue light from phones and electronics, then you interrupt the most remarkable process of healing and recovery. Of course, this creates agony and fatigue. So develop good sleep habits. Go to bed early. There’s nothing wrong with going to bed at 9 p.m. The TV shows that steal your time can wait. Rising early in a peaceful state will prove much more rewarding.

25. Enjoy high vibrational frequency education and entertainment to make you happier.

What you choose to watch, read, and listen to influences how you think and feel. It affects your energetic frequency. And it can either help or hinder your path to finding peace. Choose how you educate and entertain yourself with great consideration. Take care not to watch news that derails your emotional state. Or movies and games that depict violence and harm. Choose books that teach. Programs that inspire. Movies that make you laugh. If you want a relaxed mind, spend your valuable free time watching and reading things that have a positive message or that educate. Don’t waste a moment filling your precious mind with trash because you see others do it. Protect your vibrational frequency through positive choices.

24. Spend a part of your day without noise pollution to help clear your thoughts.

The artificial noises of life produce mild panic. By artificial sounds, I’m referring to the bustle of the city. Music. TV. Machinery. So much noise pollution. Switch it off from time to time. And if you can, try to spend time in nature or by the beach. It has therapeutic benefits beyond imagination. And there’s nothing wrong with the former examples I mentioned. But it’s good to give your mind time to enjoy the silence. And because most city noises corrupt the frequency of peacefulness, it makes sense to give this racket a break once in a while. Don’t use noise pollution as a distraction from taking some alone time and confronting your deepest challenges. It only serves to impede your path to peace.

23. Simplify your life to find serenity because complicated setups lead to chaos.

Make life simple. Inner peace comes so much faster when you choose to simplify your life. People who simplify their life make fewer decisions. And this reduces stress. Take a moment to think about the excessive in your life. Think about how you can simplify one thing. One thing today. One thing tomorrow. Within a week you will have simplified a remarkable chunk of your life. You choose simplicity you express yourself with clarity. There’s less to think about when it comes to responsibilities and demands. Complications lead to chaos. Simplicity leads to serenity.

22. Acceptance brings peace and power rather than resentment and anger.

Accept what is. When you choose to accept a person, belief, or behavior for what it is, you reduce the power it has over you. This creates more inner peace and tranquility and reduces resistance and resentment. It builds a sense of stillness within you. But acceptance does not mean give in. You do not have to tolerate something that does not resonate with you. But it does mean you should place yourself in a position of power and control. It gives you more clarity. So you can focus energy on your desires and take action to alter any situation in your favor.

21. Embrace forgiveness to dissolve resentment and end the inner turmoil.

Inner peace requires the ability to forgive those that wronged you. A raging heart that blames and grips the pain of the past will never feel at peace. You must correct your misconceptions and frame them in a positive light. Holding onto hate for yourself and those who wronged you does not distance you from that person or the pain. In fact, it creates an intense intangible bond that transcends oceans. Nothing will break the bond except forgiveness and acceptance. When you forgive, you not only release yourself from the bond of pain, but you also set yourself free from the agony that comes with it. Forgive the people who wronged you and release anger and resentment.

“Possession of material riches, without inner peace, is like dying of thirst while bathing in a lake.” ― Paramahansa Yogananda

20. Do what you love and your spirit will find eternal happiness.

Never continue something you don’t enjoy. Of course, sometimes we need to endure something as a means to an end. But hold fast to your dreams so you can live the life you love. Do what you love and a sense of peace arises within you. Your outer world must align with your inner world. This alignment brings happiness and abundance. But if you choose to endure that which you hate, then the struggle within you will limit your success. To find what you enjoy you need to explore life. Be curious. And when you discover those things that ignite your inner flame, strive to develop them. Because progress equals passion. And passion equals a life of happiness and success.

19. Practice patience because it’s one of life’s greatest virtues.

Inner peace develops over time. To build the timeless habits of happiness, you must remain patient, consistent, and disciplined. Think of it as a journey. Take time to explore and experience your curious nature as a spiritual being. Over time you will find true peace through patience and exploration. But don’t feel disheartened if the journey takes longer than you expected. The key takeaway here is “time.” It will take time since fluctuations occur on a daily basis. Some moments you will feel more peaceful than others. Remember that the process to overcome inner struggle takes time. Be patient. It will come.

18. Do everything in a calm spirit even when it seems the world is losing its mind.

Never hurry. Do everything with composure. Do it with a calm spirit. Do not surrender your inner peace for anything. Ever. Even when the whole world shows you chaos, hold your ground. This timeless thought means you have power over your mind. No external circumstance can influence your decision to live in peace and happiness. You can redirect your mind from the chaos of the world to the inner peace within. So hold this mindset when things go as planned or not.

17. Take time to soothe and replenish your spirit to refocus your energies.

When you run for an hour, your body becomes tired. When you run for a day, it becomes exhausted. When you run for a year, well, that’s not impossible. But we do it all the time when it comes to our spirit. You need rest and recovery. Most people never take time to recover their energy and positive frequency. They keep going and wonder why they crash. Take time away. Find a comfortable spot by the ocean or among the trees and empty your mind of thought. Allow yourself time to unwind. Relax. Take a nap to the sound of the waves. Your spiritual well-being benefits when you feel well rested. Relaxation frees you from the stress and worries that stop inner peace from transpiring.

16. Begin the practice of mindfulness to experience the power of the present.

Mindfulness offers a path to inner peace. It provides tools for coping with life’s obstacles. Mindfulness belongs in the present. We hold the most power in the current moment. Consider what you can do now to change your path. Consider the beliefs and choices you have now. The past has no power over you. The future has not arrived yet. Only now contains truth. Mindfulness of the moment will help you find peace because you become calm and centered. So think less about the past and future. Yes, you can take the lessons of your past and use them to plan for the future. But don’t LIVE in the illusions of the past and future. Be ALIVE now.

15. Never prejudge others so you can let go of bias and negativity.

Prejudice is poison. Negative expectation and fear of the unknown will impact your spiritual wellbeing. Imagine you walk into a social event. You think this will not go well. Someone looks at you and thinks, hey that person seems a little bit “strange.” They attach the way you look at your personality, making an immediate judgment. You and they both ruined the moment before it had a chance to materialize. Prejudgement takes the magic away from life’s unpredictable events. It takes away the gentle spirit that lives in the moment. We are all unique. As are all the special moments and situations that arise on our life journey. Be open. Give people and life events a chance to unfold and to reveal their innermost beauty.

14. Find the things that you happy and do them as often as you can.

You can find what makes you happy by exploring the world around you. Be curious. When you find the things you love to do, do them. Life gets tough. We all know that. But when you fulfill your desires by doing the things you find joyful, the road to inner peace becomes easier. Try reaching out to others who like the same things as you. Connect with similar people. Do things that make you happy. It will bring more peace and contentment into your life and the lives of those you spend time with.

13. Avoid negative people, media, and situations to let your mind recover.

The news might seem necessary. I believed it was for years. But these days I limit my exposure to most news sources. Scenes of violence, pain, and suffering make up the majority of news stories on TV and other media outlets. These images carry a negative vibration. And you’ll find this lousy energy can transfer to you. For example, you won’t find inner peace and joy if you watch horror movies all the time. And heavy music with obscene lyrics won’t make you calm. If you want spiritual serenity, then take a break from all the tragedies of life. Focus on the positives so you can return to a pleasant state. Avoid negative people. And limit time spent with people that make you feel negative.

12. Spend time in solitude to realign your thoughts.

Your schedule might be busy. I understand. But we all need time spent in solitude to collect and realign our thoughts. I find my time alone rejuvenating and replenishing. Whether you listen to music, take a walk, or enjoy a candlelit bath. Any time away from the hustle of life helps clear the mind. It doesn’t even matter what you choose to do. As long as it calms your mind and inner conflict and you do it alone.

11. Never lose faith in what’s possible.

Keep your faith in yourself, no matter what happens. Be optimistic. Your worries will drive away inner peace. Focus on the positives in life to remain peaceful. Faith keeps your emotions under control. You know that your dreams will come true over time. And that keeps the anxiety at bay so you can keep your mind serene. When you hold the faith in yourself and your dreams, you live in harmony. And when you live in harmony with yourself, you live in harmony with the universe.

Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy and serenity. ― Thich Nhat Hanh

10. Be true to yourself so you can attract abundant opportunities for peace and personal power.

Life may not go the way you want it to. You might have expected to do more than you did. In any case, your current situation doesn’t matter. What matters is where you want to be. If you’re going to improve things, you need to take action. But first, you must stay true to yourself. Challenge your mind. Face the weakness you don’t want to face. Makes your vision clear and move towards your dreams. Be relentless in your perseverance. And when you stay true and take action, peace and prosperity will rain down on you. Because the more progress you make as a person, the more passion and inner peace you will begin to feel.

9. Live in the present to dissolve your worries and make smart decisions.

You maintain power in the present. You can avoid anxiety and agony in the now. Because in most cases the illusions of our past and future never turn into something real. The past and future can’t harm you. In the present, you can take action or inaction. Whichever one you choose doesn’t matter. What’s important is you have the power of choice. And that makes all the difference. In the present, you have two main options. You can accept the situation and leave it at that. Or you can do something about it right then and there. Both options work in your favor because they both deal in the present. Pleasure or pain might come from contemplating the past and future. But in the pursuit of inner peace, you must deal with reality. And you can only find truth with the choices you make now – at this moment.

8. Learn from past mistakes to move forward.

Mistakes teach us vital lessons. They help us move forward. Progress. Imagine a cave dweller who lives in the mountains. One day he leaves the safety of his little cave to find food. He sees a baby bear playing – the first time he’s ever seen one. He moves closer to take a look. Grrrrr… Mamma bear sees the threat and attacks him. He survives and returns to his cave having learned a vital lesson. Despite feeling shaken up he still needs to go out for food next time. But from now on he avoids baby bears. In doing so, he contributes to the survival and growth of humanity by learning from his mistake. Mistakes happen. They make you more experienced so you can make wiser decisions. The real mistake is when you ruminate then repeat the same mistakes – that’s just plain nuts.

7. Be strategic to shield against the things that cause inner struggle.

Pareto’s Law is a mathematical calculation. It poses a theory on the distribution of wealth in society. It claims 20% of the population produce and owns 80% of all wealth and income. The financial implications of this formula aren’t important right now. Instead, take a look at how it applies to you. How? Well, this principle is also accurate when it comes to other areas of life. For example, 80% of your sadness comes from 20% of the people in your life. 80% of your psychological pain comes from 20% of your past experiences. 80% of your knowledge comes from 20% of the information you read. And so on. Now take a second to grab a piece of paper and a pen, then split your life into segments. You might include friends, family, work, leisure. Now write the 20% in each segment which challenges your inner peace the most. Then remove those from your life.

6. Stay proud of what you do and who you are.

Be proud and content with who you are as a person. Take pride in your individuality. Accept the things that make you unique. Miracles happen every day. You are one of them. Self-acceptance forms the unconditional pillar of inner peace. Acceptance of strengths. Weaknesses. The good. And the bad. Acceptance means being ok with where you are and striving to be where you want to be. Be content. Find contentment in where you are, who you are and what you are doing. Accepting your life as it is and yourself, as you are, will help you to feel inner peace.

5. Choose a smiley attitude rather than a stinky one.

People take on either a smiley attitude or a stinky one. But what do these mean? Well, look around you. The smiley folks are the ones who look happy and positive. They smile and laugh. Joke and play. Because positivity makes your beautiful. But a stinky demeanor involves those who blame and complain. Something is always wrong with them. They scrunch up their face like someone does when they encounter something stinky. These people never let go of the past. Their inner struggle is contagious. So always be pleasant to be around. Be kind and courteous. It will warm your heart and the hearts of those around you.

4. Slow down when life speeds up.

When you run from one thing to the next, you don’t leave time for inner peace. Also, when you rush your mind becomes blocked to new opportunities and adventures. Take some time to slow down. Grab a pen and paper and draw up a schedule which gives you time to do nice things for yourself. It’s not all about work and other people’s needs. And people tend to forget this sometimes, so it’s best to slow down and appreciate the miracle of your existence.

3. Learn to take responsibility for your life.

Take responsibility for your life. Stay conscious of your mistakes then rectify them. Make this a daily practice by writing them in a journal. Courage to admit when you make errors of judgment show integrity. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. To discover inner peace, you must note your errors as weakness and take conscious steps never to repeat them. Relieve your mind with this daily practice. It alone can make you a better person. And when you progress as a person your new-found confidence brings more inner peace.

2. Keep things to yourself so you can solve problems rather than fuel them.

Learn how to be private. You don’t have to tell everyone your problems. Stress comes from ruminating and spreading the problem to others. Sometimes it’s ok to discuss an issue with someone who plans to help you solve it. But people who want to talk about their problems for the sake of gossip will leave you feeling drained. Your emotional health will suffer as a result. Only talk about your inner needs if it will bring you more peace and free emotional loads you might hold.

1. Fall in love with the world to make finding inner peace and happiness a pleasant experience.

Love carries one of the highest frequencies. Learn to love the experiences, characters, and events on your life journey. Fall in love with those you meet. Enjoy the spirit and natural peace in others. Even if you encounter inner turmoil in others, love them all the same. You can always choose how to frame a situation. Frame it with love and you suffer much less. Less suffering leads to more peace and a calm spirit. Care for people and animals and it will bring you peace, which can help you feel loved and valued in return.

Final Thought

Take part in activities that make you smile and spread love and happiness in your heart. Your memories should be happy ones. On top of that, you should seek to learn and experience beautiful new things at every opportunity.

Inner peace is magical. When you wake up in the morning, you look forward to your day. When you talk to people, you radiate love and happiness. It’s something you should aspire to every day. So choose a few ways from the list above and begin discovering more inner peace starting today.

As always, thank you for reading. If you feel this post would be helpful and useful to your friends and family, then remember to spread the knowledge to them too.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Have you experienced inner peace? If you regard yourself as a helpful person who has an interesting story to tell, then take a moment to share it with our little community in the comments below.

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  1. Ari,

    This article addressed health concerns of the mind and soul that have been tough resolve. Your article is one of the most detailed and helpful articles I have read about inner peace. Please keep up with your wonderful work.

    I enjoyed reading your article very much.

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  2. Excellent article, and it came right when I needed it. Mindfulness and living in the present, two of the most valuable things I’ve ever learned.

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