Top 10 Signs You’re A Precog

SIGNS YOUR A precog are often very clear. Take a look at the 10 signs below to see if your gifts of precognition have started to emerge.

Last week, as I was walking down the street, I experienced a vivid vision of a friend of mine. The strange part is, I hadn’t heard from him in a while. Then, just a couple of minutes later, I received a random phone call from him.

Sign of precognition? Or, was it simply coincidence?

Any precog will tell you that if you have the will to develop your precognitive abilities, you can do it. It’s just as natural as the human brain, and just as powerful and mysterious.

Frankly, too few people put the time and energy into the development of their psychic skills. They never try to enhance their second sight and see events in the future. If you think about it, there are those of us who really could do with developing our abilities just a little bit more. And, of course, nothing drives that point home more than coming across people with a natural psychic ability.

The good news is, you run into these people all the time, even if you haven’t noticed. So, if you wonder whether or not you are a precog, or if someone you know has this gift, then I included 11 signs to help you figure it out.

And remember, even the signs that occur naturally can, and should, be developed. With persistence, patience, and determination you might see your abilities flourish into something truly magical.

1. You experience precognitive dreams.

Do you have vivid dreams that you remember?

Most dreams can be weird, or even unsettling, but take your dreams seriously and they can offer you incredible insight into your life and future. But, let’s suppose you can already predict events, and you are good at interpreting and drawing significance from your dreams, and those of others.

In that case, you are already well on your way to developing your unique gift. Here’s a simple tip that might help you out: keep a journal next to your bedside table and record your dreams every night. If your dream wakes you, then immediately write down what you remember.

Don’t wait until the morning, because you could forget the most crucial aspects of it. Furthermore, you could take that information and do some research on it. You may find that different aspects of your dreams have significant meaning in your life, or the lives of those around you. You will be surprised at how much valuable information you get out of this basic exercise.

2. You feel Increased anxiety.

Do you feel a sudden increase in anxiety?

If you feel anxious, experience visions prior to a major event taking place, or just seem to know when a pet, friend or loved one is in trouble, then you may be tapping into your precog abilities.

Try to stay calm.

Slow down, take some deep breaths, and explore the depths of your premonition. If you feel a wave of dread come over you, feel that something isn’t quite right, or sense that someone may be at serious risk, then you may want to let them know.

You don’t need to be dramatic about it, just a simple “Hey, be careful today, I have a bit of a bad feeling.” will work fine. For what it’s worth, even if you are wrong, it is far better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your loved ones.

3. Your intuition suddenly intensifies.

Have you suddenly become more intuitive? Believe it or not, everyone is born with varying degrees of natural and intuitive psychic ability. However, there are many people that have naturally higher levels than others. And, of course, there are those that have practiced and mastered their precognition skills and tapped into the intuitive gifts.

If you do, in fact, have precognitive abilities, you may have noticed heightened intuition. It doesn’t need to be anything major, and most likely it won’t be. Instead, be aware of the simpler things, such as knowing the phone is about to ring and who’s on the line, before you answer it, or you hum the lyrics to a song, 10 seconds before they play it on the radio.

4. You have déjà vu.

Déjà vu is something you can practice and improve. It’s something that occurs when you least expect it, but some folks do feel it a great deal more than others. You may have heard that déjà vu is really the future, and based on the feeling that you’ve seen something before, you can predict that future.But for most of us, it’s more like an awake dream that’s telling us to pay attention.

5. People feel better around you.

Ever had a friend or family member say they feel better when they see you? This is probably because you possess a naturally occurring level of awareness – along with the reputation of being honest and open.This is due to the fact that you can recognize and identify with their frequency and vibrations, then act accordingly.

6. Your perception is fine-tuned.

If you are a precog, you have exceptionally fine-tuned perceptions of energy, or vibrations. You’ll recognize that the world is really energy that takes on various forms, and you are able to perceive it and perceive any changes in it, even from far away distances. If this is the case with you, you’re ready to continue studying and tapping into your precognition abilities.

7. You sense vibrational frequency and energy.

Are you pretty good at sensing the sort of energy that has gone into a personal item that belonged to someone special to you? The objects and people that surround you are all made of energy. Perhaps you can pick up on the energy in a room or building where a major event took place or will take place? That’s your precog ability shining through.

8. Signs you’re a precog lead to advanced empathy.

There are those that will suggest that precognition abilities are nothing more than advanced empathy. But, the emotional energy of a person can seriously influence the energy of his or her surroundings and possessions. Have you been able to pick up on that? If you can naturally and effortlessly pick up on such feelings, then that’s a great sign. Often, those feelings will be fairly present in your life, even from early on.

Let’s look a little more at advanced empathy. What if it’s not all about individuals influencing the people and objects around them, but rather those things and people influencing them? This shows you a little more how energy works and how we seem to be constantly in a state of vibration and flux – of flow and return. If you’re able to relate to this idea, take it a bit further and study more about precognition and psychic abilities.

9. You experience heightened sensitivity.

Heightened sensitivity might feel like a state of fragility to you and if you’re a precog, you need to be able to find a balance between the continuous onslaught of information. This is because a lot of the information can be troubling, and you will need to find an emotional response to it.

Bad precogs tend to become hardened to their feelings whereas good precogs will understand them –they’re accustomed to experiencing the emotions of others and experiencing identical responses without completely breaking down.

10. You know things with no prior explanation.

Have you ever had a moment, where you just simply had a gut feeling about something? There was no logical explanation at all, but that something or event eventually took place. Scenarios like this are also a good indication you’re developing precognition.


You have likely experienced precognitive signs at some point in your life. The initial stage of worry, fear, and discomfort is normal. When you allow your mind to embrace these feelings, you permit your gift to flourish in its natural progression.

The gift of precognition is rare and beautiful, you don’t need to withdraw or alienate yourself because of it. Another thing, when you experience signs of precognition, you are already in a process of transition and evolution.

This process is hard at times, especially in regards to your emotional and mental states. But, the more you nurture, explore, and develop your gifts, the better you’ll feel about them. If you suppress this natural development, then you limit your own potential for advancement, unnecessarily.

Additionally, I suggest you spend time on further research. You may find it helps you access your abilities on a deeper level. Just think, maybe one day you could be as famous with your premonitions as Nostradamus was with his. As always, thank you for reading. If you feel this post would be helpful and useful to your friends and family, then remember to share it with them too.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Have you experienced precognition yourself? If so, let me know your thoughts, views, and opinions below because I’m always happy to hear from you.

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  1. You wanted to know what this article did for me. I am a natural precognotive. I did know this but I have never picked up a book on it. I also thought I was an empath but your article convinced me that everything psychic about me is in the precognition category. I also learned a bit about what might possibly be ability related rather than personally related. This article was tremendously helpful in those regards. Even with the help this article gave me I would not say that I am lucky to have this gift. It is complex and a lot of information comes in all the time and if more than one bad thing is happening at once or in the future it can get very confusing. Add to that any emotion or thought you personally have about the badness and wow. Enough said. I have looked for a way to give back this gift. Ironically all I see out there are websites and people who want to have this gift or will teach you to develop it. I think it would be wise not to give the entire population of the Earth precognitive abilities and that most people have no idea what this gift does in it’s entirety and should probably be educated on that before they go after it with all their money and all their desire.

    1. Valerie, thank you for sharing your experience with us. Also, you have an interesting perspective on the subject, and it’s definitely worth thinking about. I look forward to more insight from you.

      1. i really want to know if i am normal with something special or if i am a monster. i have precognition and i want to know why and sometimes i want to ignore it but it keeps on growing stronger as i grow older into a teenager. i really don’t want scientist to take me away and do expirements on me. i know i sound crazy but its true that i feel that if i don’t keep this power hidden from society that something bad would happen to me, i have had this since i can remeber as a 3 year old maybe a 2 year old as i remeber a fire that my parents deny happening but i know they’re lying.

        1. Your very special probably gods chosen,embrace it use it for good,ive been solving complex crimes for years by pre cognition of the target before they do it,or obtain physically evidence without knowing the crime.

        2. This is so cool but i feel the same i don’t want to be taken away. i needed to know what was happening as soon as i saw a vision of blood on the sink. then i saw what was going to happen and lets just say my mom may not be here if i didn’t know

    2. Dear Valerie,
      I agree with you 100%. It’s almost as if the writer s NOT familiar with living with this so called gift.
      I would do anything to have it taken away. Worse even to see it even stronger in your daughter who suffers badly under its burden.

      1. What do you mean by burden? Do you see only the bad? In my experience as a precog I could never choose what I have wanted to see. They are almost always things that were petty in nature. Things that were of significance to me alone and seen from my first person perspective alone.

    3. Dear Valerie and Mrs Kim,

      I’m Suma and I’m a natural born precognitive dreamer like the both of you as well. I am here to agree with the opinion that this ability shouldn’t be valid for everyone. As precognitive dreamer tend to suffer more and our emotions usually in a complex mess. My friends used to say I have bipolar disorder due to changing moods within seconds. Basically feeling other feelings is a must, I can cry without knowing the reason why and etc.

      Dreaming about people death is another thing especially someone dear to me. They say it’s a great gift, I say it’s a burden. Now I’m 21 and just recently I learned to get the hang of it a bit by not thinking about it. I can’t sleep at night, I sleep in the daytime to reduce the ability to dream but still no use, and every time I wake up, I feel more tired due to the long journey.

      I’m sorry for sharing my opinion aloud but it’s rare to find someone who can relate to the experience and struggle. It would be nice if we can meet in person.

      1. Hey, I don’t know if it is good or bad to share our cognitive dreams? Last year I was having these dreams and I told to my best friend , then the dreams stopped, now this year it has started again, I don’t know if I tell anyone it not ?

        1. Same thing happened to me recently. I also wondered if it’s because I shared. Can’t be a coincidence.

      2. suma..i agree with u and i know what the trouble is…
        i’m PRIANKA.i’m also a natural precognitive. And do you believe that?- i can remember the time when i was may be 1 year old or may be 6 months old… and i can also see which of my loving one i will going to loose next…

      3. I too grew up to realize that some of the dreams I have were precognitive when the events actually happened. I apparently inherited the ability from my father. I was afraid at first and after I told my mother, she just laughed at me. With no understanding or support as I grew into an adult I asked God to please stop them before they involved someone getting hurt or dying. The dreams I had were just small events where there was no way to see it coming. And when they did occur my reaction was smooth as if I knew how to respond. Yet at the same time it frightened me to know I had dreamed the event beforehand. I thank God for keeping it at bay most nights. Or is it self-controlled to a point? I too did not consider it a gift, but unnerving nightmares.

        1. I can totally relate to everything you just said. I honestly dont know how I feel about my “gift.” I think what scares me the most is the fact that I have no idea why I have it or what I was meant to do with it, but surely it has a purpose?

        2. Is it just that you dream and then that thing happens and you recall ‘ hey! that’s what happened in my dream’ and freeze there for a moment??

          1. I usually always freeze up when something that happened in my dreams happens in real life. I just learned a few days ago I am a precognitive empath. I had my first precognitive dream when I was 13 years old. It was about the path my life was going to take.

        3. I have been having these precog dreams past 6 years I guess, the first I had, I remember…I was in a pool with my brother and his friends and one of his friends had a burger over and over again. And I stood there frozen, covered myself in the flashback. THE EXACT HAPPENINGS OF THAT EVENT. Next was a dream I had few days/weeks before I was watching a movie(horror) and recollected the next few scenes.I’ve quite opened up to a lot of people in search of answers. And it turned out that my Brother has such dreams as well. I’ve had quite a few dreams as such few weeks or month before (i’ve even dreamed events of people I haven’t met and later turned out to be my friends). I wonder if it’s like any warning or something. My dreams are not harmful but lately, I’ve been feeling few unusual presence of something. I’d be glad to come in contact with anyone and talk it out.

      4. Suma, I know that there is a possibility that the things you see are legitimate because I too, while previously only having seen visions while awake, have recently been receiving them in my dreams. But I think that you might also want to consider that you may be suffering from something a bit more prescribable such as depression or emotional imbalance. I don’t want to come off as stern or cruel but I have a more blunt personality.

      5. Dear Suma, just like you, I am Also A Natural Precognitive Empath, I can remember things at birth, My traveling, and my…. Burdens. I would say my friends say I Have Bipolar Disorder from sudden feelings of different moods, but I learned that it may be my Empathy. I think Precogs are some of the most rare empaths out there, and I am happy to say I’m a natural.Sorry for sharing my opinion if it offended others.

    4. As a child not knowing or understanding what was going on was hard. I felt very alone and depressed.
      My parents thought I was mentally ill and I cannot even count how many different medications I was put on. I have years I can’t remember.
      I knew I wasn’t bipolar or suffering from anything other than adolescence.
      As a now 36 year old woman/ mother. I’m relived that I’m being to understand and find huge relief inside of myself. I’ve felt a huge pull recently to exploring this ability. Or I’m comfortable leaving it exactly where it is and letting it evolve where it’s ment to on its own. I know I’ll be okay.

    5. As a young child I would get these feelings when I would go to sleep from time to time. I always sleep on my stomach but I would feel as though I was on my back an I could feel the world turning backwards. Through my body an my brain. I could actually feel the earth turning as if on its axis. Other dreams I’d have a feeling of falling not off of a cliff but the point in which I remember the dream or vision I was instantly there just free falling an could feel the pull of gravity on my body towards earth. I would remember seeing himongus rocks or boulders falling along with me. As soon as it came was as quick as it would leave. Most nights I go to sleep I don’t dream at all. I black out an wake back up the next morning feeling the same as I did the prior day not tested but not tired. As if life is just a continuing story. There are times I’ll walk into a room or be driving an out of the blue everything just starts spinning an not spinning super fast but extremely slow. My equilibrium is completely thrown off the world is tilting an my head feels as though it’s turning to the left ever slowly an no matter how hard I try it just continue my spins that dorection until I get out of that place in at. Which I usually try to do immediately. There was a time as a child I was asleep at night the only thing I remember is being on a seat not sure what kind of vehicle but it was bad weather an someone crashed into us. In the middle of the dream I had one of those world spinning feelings an dreamt that the crash didn’t happen. Almost as if to say strike that reverse it start the story over. About a month later I was on the school bus on my way to school an I got that earth turning feeling when all of a sudden a yellow mustang was driving towards us we were in the turn lane as to turn in lane to turn in front of the vehicle. In that exact moment I saw that car it hit me not even trying to think about it but the dream came right up to my mind and I remembered having dreamt of a month prior. We didn’t crash but the driver did hit his breaks to not turn in front of the vehicle. There have been multiple occasions like this one. I haven’t had the dreams of falling in a long time but the earth spinning while I’m conscience happens quite often. Anytime I get that feeling I get a migraine an get very sick like sick to my stomach wanna throw up. I’ve always thought something was wrong with me or I was some kind of freak so I never said anything about it to anyone. There was a different time in which I felt the earth spinning in my dream an I was in a random place I’d never been an got that feeling. Migrane earth spinning sick to my stomach. We were in a church can coming back from mission work. It was storming out very badly ran wind dark outside. On the highway. Everyone told the pastor to pull over an wait. I sat there an felt the whole world spin an whispered to myself keep driving something is going to happen. The pastor said he was gonna keep going it was in that moment a huge tree fell across the road an knocked down powerlines sending sparks flying l. Where the tree fell is right were people told him to stop at… I don’t know what any of this means as a child I always attributed these feelings an I guess I’ll call them “views” of the future as gods way of talking to me. I truly believe in evil an good. God and the devil I’ve seen it. I was almost abducted as a child but I got it that earth turning feeling when the ladies trying to lure me into their car were calling for me. Some kid out of nowhere came from behind me when he wasn’t there 10 seconds ago an scared the ladies off. I have seen some crazy things due to God. I believe he is real and this is his way of telling me about the future of guiding me. Keeping me safe or just lett8by me know what’s going on. Its the most bozzare feelings when this happens. What do I do? Is there something wrong with me? An no I’m not mentally ill the average score on the asvab is a 41 I scored a 91.

    6. I actually don’t think so, because it runs in my family both maternal as well as paternal and we tend not to pay too much attention as it disturbs our life and taps into our deepest darkest fears.Usually we get these visions when we are asleep and we are always willing to help others if we can.So I’d rather say it’s quite common at least in my family.

    7. I can relate to you. Way more complex than what the average person can conceive. I haven’t met anyone with abilities like mine.

    8. the way i feel about my precognition sounds corny but i think of it as we have to suffer to make sure others don’t

    9. I do not believe that not everyone should gain precognitive abilities and I would like you to explain why you believe that. Empathy is a remarkable gift in relating to another person and being able to understand their situation and why they feel the way that they do. I believe understanding each other on an extremely empathetic level is exactly what people need. Understanding and empathizing are key to forming lasting and fulfilling relationships with one another.

    10. Dear valerie

      I sometimes experience some wierd senarios and i am wondering if i may have some type of phycic abilities or gift or im going crazy. Ive had two dreams that have came true which really freaked me out one dream i dreamt of a flat that had a leak in a room with no furniture and than months later i moved and funny enough had a leak in my spare room tje next dream i saw my sisters flat she moved into before she did i described it to her exactly after she viewed it and she was convinced i kbew somebody in the block that jas been in there i also told her about the hole in the floor and that there was carpet before she moved in and one incident where i was in the bath and i put my face under the water to wash my face, all of a sudden i felt this intense fear like somebody was going to come in and hold my face under the water.but there wasnt anybody in the house a week later my friends calls me and tells me her boyfriend tried to drown her in the bath and he is now in jail for attempted murder. I also some times hear unexplanable noises on my kitchen but i alwaus brush it off thinking im tired until the other night it sounded as though a plastic cup fell off my side and my partner heard it too we went into the kitchen and there wasnt anything on the floor??? Im so glad he was there i now know i am not hearing things. I just dont know where to turn or what is happening. I feel like im going crazy i swear i am having anxiety attacks i sot there and feel butterflies in my belly and feel a tightness in my chest like i carnt breath i just dont know who i can talk too i just need answers. Maybe you can give me some advice

    11. I think I have it. I went to disney and got lost. about a year later it actually happens. Another is I went to a trampoline park, About 6 months before they were invented. 2 years later a Skyzone looks exactly like it. I also sensed that someone put a note about me in another persons locker. someone comes up and shows me a note exactly who and what i sensed. Anyone think thats strange?

      1. I don’t know if I have this or not. I’m 13… is that too young to have this? A couple months ago I had a weird dream. It’s like I actually wasn’t there, but I was watching it happen. In my dream I was looking in the girls clothes. I overheard a little girl begging to her dad for both of the shirts she wanted, but her dad said,”just pick one sweetheart”. Then all of a sudden a truck whizzed by and crashed inside the building right next to me. I instantly jolted awake, and soon fell back asleep. That same night I had the same exact dream all over agian. Every single detail was the same. When I woke up I had the weirdest feeling and started crying. I don’t even know why. I told my siblings, my mom, and a couple of friends about this. Then one week later my dream came true. A truck had driven into Walmart, made it all the way next to the girls clothing asle, and crashed, killing 3 people. Whenever I talk about my dream that came true, I get this weird feeling and start crying, same as when I just woke up from it.

  2. Every step fits me, wow! I always knew I had psychic abilities . But, do precog’s also see and hear the dead? I have on a few occasions , i can also feel them/smell the perfume or cologne they frequently wore and they visit me/talk to me in my dreams. What is this ability called?

    1. Angela, from what I understand, precogs generally perceive information about future places or events before they happen. Not so much connecting with the dead. Yet, psychics who can connect with the dead, and precogs, do share many similarities. I suggest you explore your gift and see what you discover. I look forward to hearing how you go.

  3. I get an overwhelming sense of deja vu , like the moment i am experiencing i hve seen before even though it is completely undetermined That said event would happen if i haven’t of made certain choices…. As if i can realise when moments in my life are definatly key points that i have already predicted….. I dnt want tk say i can see into the future but fucking hell it feels like it….

  4. I just finished read your article. It is really illustrating about me . I am a natural precognitive. Since in young age of 9, I always dreams of the future including watching movie which will be released in the future. And i always felt most of the movie is so familiar. That time i realized it happen in my dream and i though maybe because my mum is restrict me to watch movie. So i always have strong desired to watch movie in my dream. Then when i was in the age of 12 years old, i was shocked that my dream about examination results. The dream is about i was walked into a classroom and there were a table with student’s examination result reports. And i was searching for my report so i will know my examination results. After i read my results report then i sense that someone was walking toward the classroom. Due to this, i awaken from my dream as I’m was scared that person would found me inside the classroom. I knew i did something wrong as i shouldn’t get to know my results. The examination results are confidential and it will be released a month later. And this was the first time i remembered clearly of my dream and it is weird that i’m had strong feeling that i was in that classroom. So, I told my friends and none of them believed me that i knew the results except my younger sister because sometime she is dreaming of the future too. On the day of the results released, the environment was totally different than my dream which i was in the school canteen to collect my results. The results were exactly the same in my dream. After that , i knew my dream will come true. My intuitive is also growing outside of my control. It helped me a lot especially preparation for my O-Level and A-Level Examinations. Whatever books i read and questions that i solved were came out in the examinations. And sometime i feel the intuitive feeling is scary. Suddenly I may crying none stop because i know who will die and the next person as well. Of course i also know when this person will die. This feeling is only related to my family members. In the age of 21, I’m no longer dreaming about the future but simply have gut feeling which i’m unable to explained it. The gut feeling is 100% accurate. Anyway, i like your article as i get to know more about myself. Great article.

    1. Alyssia, what an amazing experience. Especially the part about your vivid dreams. I’m curious as to why they stopped. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to hearing more from you.

      1. Yea, Alyssia’s abilities are incredible. I figure the dreams stopped for a reason related to convenience. I communicate with spirits in my head and they prefer to do no harm.

        She sure has advanced ability though. Should embrace it and live her life as best she can.

  5. Hello! I just read your article and I believe I may be a precog. There have been times in my life where I have dreamed about things that have come true.I have also dreamed about going to places and then in the future it has come true. I believe I got this from my mother because she is psychic. She seems to have strong senses and can sense when something bad has happened or is about to happen to her family. The last time I dreamed about something that came true was in 2006. I had a strange dream that we had moved into a Notre Dame student rental house. In my dream I never saw what the outside of the house looked like, but I remember vividly the layout of the house. In my dream I was in the master bedroom with the master bathroom to my left with 2 other bedrooms. There was a long hallway with another bathroom in the hallway. I told my husband about it because I thought the dream to be strange since my husband had no plans to go back to college. He thought it was weird too. Then about a year later, our neighbor’s home had a gas explosion which badly damaged our house. My 3 children, my husband and I all made it out of our home without a scratch on us. Suddenly we found ourselves with a house that was unlivable and we had to hurriedly find a new place to live. My husband’s boss owned a few rental houses and we went to see them. We found one near Notre Dame and moved in. I didn’t realize it right away, but after about 3 months it dawned on me that this was the very house that I had dreamed about. The layout was exactly the same. I couldn’t believe it and asked my husband if he remembered my dream and he was shocked. I feel sometimes as if I have an inner sense of things. I can pick up on things naturally and I am usually right on.

    1. Rebecca, thank you so much for sharing your story. I can see how parts of your life were incredibly difficult for you and your family; however, I loved reading how your precognitive abilities have emerged. Also, it’s rare to find a person that embraces and accepts their metaphysical gifts, and the unexplainable events that occur in their life. I’m glad to see that you have, because it truly is a huge step in evolving your abilities.

      The truth is, I had a similar experience to you. I dreamed that my life was torn to pieces by a natural disaster, and immediately after I walked along a golden beach with rolling light green waves. A couple of months after my dream, an earthquake tore up over 80% of my hometown. My wife and I moved to Brazil, and guess where we ended up? Living in an exact replica of the beach I saw in my dream.

      Thank you again for sharing your story, and I look forward to hearing more from you.

  6. My situation is that I get feelings that something is about to happen, and then if I say it, it usually does happen! My family thinks I have the ability to “curse” things. I would never do that because I’m a very positive person. My precog experiences are usually attached to a “feeling,” whether it’s good or bad. My most frequent feeling is of earthquakes happening. Wish I didn’t feel like that all the time! Anyway, I would like to learn more about this subject and how it’s affecting me. Very interesting!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Anna. I can imagine you’re a very positive person, that’s why your precognition gifts are developing so prominently. If you haven’t already documented your precognitive feelings, I suggest you start doing so. That way you have a track record of what’s happening. Also, the gift of precognition is wonderful and helpful; embrace it, because it would be a shame for you to wish it away.

      I’ll include more blog posts on this subject soon; I hope to hear more about your experiences.

  7. I’ve recently discovered I’m an empath. Apart from that
    I have lucid dreams and some of them come true. At
    First it was a bit overwhelming but now I accept it as my god given gift. I am happy to learn of precognition and the difference between it and premonition. I’m still in the learning process but I thank you for your very informative information.

    1. Crystal, that’s fantastic to hear that you’re an Empath. Also, if you can manipulate the surroundings in your lucid dreams, then you can control the direction of information within those dreams. Which is very powerful indeed.

      It’s normal for people to confuse Premonition and Precognition. However, there is a difference.

      Let me explain. Both of these abilities have the same end result. They both give you the ability to foresee events before they happen via ESP.

      On one hand. Premonitions are a combination of sounds, random images and feelings that flash involuntarily in your mind at any given time. On the other hand, precognition shows itself in your dreams by using different symbols, events and feelings.

      You’re likely to experience Precognition about 50 to 70% in dreams, and the rest through day dreams and waking visions

      If you want to develop you abilities further, grab my free Precog Checklist here:

      1. I have had only a very few premonitions while I was awake…but I have had numerous precognitive dreams during my life time. However, my precognitive dreams do not show themselves as different symbols or events, the visions in my dreams are usually very accurate as to what I later witness in true life, at least the main point of the dream anyway. Sometimes there may be a slight difference in what I dream and what actually happens but the difference is usually so small its almost nonexsistant. My precognitive dreams never manifest in symbols that have to be deciphered or decoded, they are always “what you see, is what will be” I just wanted to share that with you so that you would be aware that not all precognitive dreams manifest as symbols or anything different than what they actually are, some dreams are as clear and on point as watching a video clip then rewinding it and watching it again..only the first time you watched it in your dream and the second time, not only are you watching it but you are actually in person acting it out.

  8. I can say I relate with some points in your article. How can I try to discover and develop these abilities (if I have any that is)?

  9. Since I was little I’ve had dreams telling the future. But one that worries me I’ve been having for 36 years. Im in a two story farm house and I go up two steps and am in a dormitory that’s not really finished you can see the boards for the ceiling and rafters and the boards for the wall with the joints there not painted and brown there are two rows of cots with a pillow and blanket on each and a chest at the end. I get very frightened like I’m put up there to be forgotten about. I’m calling out to my family and can’t escape. What I was wondering could I be dreaming about a past life as well as having precognitive dreams?

    1. Hi Kelly, I’d say that it’s a real possibility that it may have been an experience from a past life. On the other hand, it may be precognition, like you said, or even suppressed feelings. If you’re really interested in finding out, you’ll have to investigate a bit deeper, both internally and externally.

  10. First, I didnt put my name because humans by nature fear what they dont understand and I dont want to be targeted by anyone.
    I’m a natural precog. I have good intuition, strong deja vu occurances, and my empathic abilities are often overwhelming like if im around large crowds. Ive never truly understood my ability but always knew it was something to be thankful for. It has actually saved my very life on multiple occasions and the life of a close family friend. Nobody ever believes me when I have the deja vu of the dreams I dreamt, when they come true. Twice I proved to two different people, in different places and times of my life and they were astounded and kind of creeped out. One of them was closed minded and of the christian faith, the other had no faith in anything besides death. Both were creeped out. I believe I developed my precog ability at the age of 11-12, when my stepmom gave me a book of dreams. She would have me meditate with her and tell her what I see. My brother and sisters dont have this ability and nobody else in my family seems to either, how am I the only one? None of them understand and just give me a blank look when i mention it, even my brother who is one of the most intelligent, open minded, and intuitive people Ive ever met. When my precog ability first began, all the way from age 11-12 to age 19, it would give me a warning. If I had one deja vu occurance, something small but still “bad” would happen, like forgetting my wallet full of my birthday money and new Ipod, at school in the gym locker room. If i had two deja vu occurances that came close together, something not so small but not entirely terrible, would happen. If I had three deja vu occurances that came in close together(like one on monday, another later that evening and the third the next day or a day after that) then someone I knew was in trouble or I would face some kind of emotionally damaging trauma or my life was in danger. If i had four or more deja vu occurances close together, then my life was truly in danger and I needed to immediately get away from wherever I was and whoever I was around, and get myself to safety. By age 18, I had this system of my precog dreams , down pretty well and saved my life multiple times. At age 19, it stopped being a warning system and became a “tracking” system. It seemed to no longer alert me of bad or danger, and seemed to be alerting me of a life marker point, like at this point of the precog dream coming true (deja vu) then I would know that I was progressing/evolving/ or making a decision that would greatly affect my path from then on. This change came about when after 4 years of not seeing or speaking to my stepmom, we finally spoke and planned to see eachother. I had dream after dream after dream of visiting her, being in the state she lives in and of people ive never seen before. I got scared that i was having so many dreams of it and her, that I started to get bad feelings about visiting. I tried to brush it off as paranoia but when the day came to get on the plane, I couldnt. Turns out i was right, and she too had been having dreams and bad feelings about me going. We were both right. Is there a connection between me and my stepmom that neither one of us has seen? She is the one who helped it come out in the first place and she was the one who got it to change its course within me. Where do precog dreams stem from? Why do some people have this ability and most others dont? Sometimes I question what is “real” in this “time” of this life because I never know which dreams will end up being true precog dreams, and which dreams are just normal “human brain” dreams like that in which the rest of the world has.

    1. Thank you for sharing your fascinating experience with precognition. I’d say you have a strong connection with your step mom, from what you’ve explained. The way I see it, all humans have metaphysical abilities imbedded within them. Some people evolve those abilities more naturally, than others do, just as someone might natural be better at Math than someone else. That doesn’t mean that with practice and an open mind one cannot develop the metaphysical abilities they desire. We are energetic beings living in the earliest stage of our evolution and exploration. In time, we will all have abilities far more radical and progressive than what we see to today. In fact, we may not even call them metaphysical in the future, but simply normal.

      1. Yea, you guys have developed a metaphysical connection. A result of the meditations together…

  11. I finally figured out that when I am having Deja Vu, it is because I’m in a situation where I already was inside of a dream. I didn’t realize this until I was about 25 years old. I dreamed of the twin towers in New York being smashed into by 2 UFO’s, not planes, a little over a week before it happened. This traumatized me. Now whenever I have a bad dream, I get very scared and I withdraw from everyone because I am afraid of what might happen.

    1. Hi Molly, there’s no need to withdraw because you’re afraid. One experience shouldn’t force you to live in fear. Instead, keep track of your dreams, and the experiences that follow. You’ll find that many have different interpretations to what you originally thought. Thank you for sharing.

  12. First precog occurred the day my mother died I woke up sat up quickly in bed and knew that she was gone. I was 11 at the time. I jumped out of bed and ran to her room opened the door and saw her, I thought she was sleeping and I had made a mistake. I don’t know where I thought she had gone but I was surprised to see her there. No one told me she had cancer and I thought the doctors visits were making her better. I then went downstairs and as I approached the bottom of the stairs I heard voices and my father crying. Then I knew where she had gone. I think my mothers spirit had awakened me. A few weeks later my father told me he was taking my cat in to be declawed. I begged and begged him no to and I just knew that if he did that my cat would not come home. He took it anyway and at 4 pm that day my father got the call that my cat never came out of the anesthesia. I have had a friend since kindergarten and we always know when the other was thinking of them and one of us would call and we would have a laugh over it. Still happens and we are 55 now. When my stepmother was diagnosed with breast cancer she had a radical mastectomy and when I asked her when she would start cemo and or radiation she told me her doctor said she didn’t need it but I knew she did but I convinced myself that the doctor knew better and who was I to tell her differently. 5 years later she died. When ky daughters were 8 and 9 years old I just knew something bad was going to happen to one of them. I didn’t know which one or what but I just knew so started saying prayers asking god to protect them both. two weeks later my youngest daughter got hit by a car. Funny thing was thou that the man who hit her knew a head of time that she was going to walk in front of his car so he was going very slow. Just about the time he decided he was mistaken she walked in front of his car. She came away with a few bruises and scrapped but not one broken bone. The worst one I had happened 10 years ago. My middle child had a 2 year old son and she and his father had just gotten engaged. i heard someone or maybe more than one scream in my head that Brian was going to die. I thought I was crazy and tried to tell myself that it didn’t happen but just in case I started saying prayers asking god to protect my grandson. Two week later his father was killed riding a 4 wheeler. His name was Brian too. It never occurred to me that it would be him. Oh and i almost forgot about this one. My husbands brother wanted my husband to go scuba diving with him in the gulf when he told me I knew something terrible was going to happen if he went. I begged him to cancel and have Marcs wife go with him instead but he didn’t want to disappoint his brother. When he didn’t come home and it started getting dark I knew I had been right. Come to find out his brother got in the water first and there was such a terrible rip current that when my husband tried to go in it was just to much for him and he backed out. Even the dive master on the trip decided against going in but in the meantime his brother surfaced to find out where my husband was and got taken by the current. The dive master couldn’t leave the bouy because there were other divers still in the water but told Marc that they would catch up to him as soon as they surfaced. He was lost at sea for 5 hours until a fishing boat found him and radioed the coast guard that he had been found. There were 35 people that day lost at sea who had been scuba diving the many locations along the rip current and 5 were never recovered. Neither my husband or his brother ever dove again. Had my husband backed out and Marcs wife gone with him she would never have let him dive that day. We both got a call around 8 pm that night that they were OK. My husband listens to me now! I also have tons of deja vu and a lot of dreams that come true and a ton of really small precogs like the time I knew I was going to get in a car accident so I decided to find a place to park and wait it out. Yeah right like I could really wait it out. I got in a accident looking for a place to park LOL! The joke was on me. i always know when to go to the casino and when not to. If I listen to my feeling I almost always come home a few hundred a head and once in Atlantic City I told my husband to play two machine I knew he would win. He won $2200 on the first machine and $600 on the second one and my brother play the machine he had won the $2200 on and he won another $200 on that machine. Now for the real reason I am writing this. I am an artist and I make large glass focal beads in a torch and the past couple of months while working I clearly hear someone (male I think) say “mom” and i always turn to look for one of my kids coming into my studio but no one is there. This has me stumped. I lost 3 children thru miscarriage and a tubal pregnancy (which almost killed me, I died but was brought back) and I am thinking maybe one of these children is trying to warm me about something that is going to happen to me. It is similar to the scream I heard that Brian is going to die except that time it was in my head this time it sounds like it is in the room. Any thoughts other than I am crazy?

  13. I have had so many experiences re: precog I have to share. My father went to the hospital, I was at work and got the message, a dark feeling came over me and I knew he was going to die(he wasn’t ill whatsover). My boss said I changed colors…. I left immediately and unfortunately it was true, my father passed away that day…. I was in a hotel room, came back and the bathroom ceiling was dripping water, I told my husband to call the front desk because I said that someone killed themselves and they were in the tub – it was true that was what happened – the hotel manager came to our room and informed us what happened(offered us a new room due to the damage)…. I was in a car with my family, and there was a car accident – I immediately felt all black and told my husband that a young man has died – he was lying in the street and he died from his injuries….. Also I was driving home one day(years before my divorce/remarriage) and a thought came into my head that I was going to have a child with special needs – that was also true. I bought a home with my husband reluctantly because I had visions of the house crumbling/falling apart and I didn’t want to buy the home but my husband convinced me it was a good deal – we ended up finding out there were HUGE structural issues and our neighbors and ourselves left the properties due to the foundation damages……I was at the movie theater the other week and had an eerie feeling of harm was to happen in a movie theater(I got upset thinking what the hell is wrong with me, I go to the movie theater somewhat often and never think these thoughts) – tonight a shooting happened in Louisiana in a movie theater. I have precog’d other things too, but those are my major events I recall. I just had to share here for I don’t feel comfortable talking about it with friends or family. Thanks so much!

  14. I needed to do some research on this and I’m glad that I came across your article. It was very helpful. I am constantly thinking of someone and then I get a phone call from them…or even I think of a famous actress or actor and the next day I see them on tv or hear of them…I really want to learn more of this cause I think it’s pretty cool…my little sister too is the same way…thank you.

  15. Thanks for publishing this article….Now I know that I’m a natural Precog. I’m having this abnormal feelings since my childhood.
    My family thinks I’m a BLACK TONGUED person. They don’t want me to talk in front of other people because whatever statements I make will come true with an immediate effect. In fact 90% of statements are negative and its totally spontaneous. I can sense things like mental pain, future accidents looking at other person’s face. Whenever I have abnormal burning sensation all over my body, within days I hear bad news from my family. Most of the occurrence are related to bad or negative things. And also I feel strongly connected to some unseen forces both good and evil . As u said I feel distressed because lot of things going inside my mind.
    But everything have its own positive side also…
    Nobody will believe this… My dreams are very special. I take all my decisions and planning in dreams because I can see and feel my future. How I found my husband is the best example.
    And whenever I feel so connected to someone no matter that’s a celebrity or stranger, within few days I get a chance to meet that person.

  16. I think I might have a psychic ability because whenever I think of something it comes on tv like a movie or show and I feel like I relive the same day over again, but something weird happened when I was on the internet i was looking up something about smile dog and it said that he would appear in dreams and say spread the word. So the next day I went school and during lunch I heard those exact words I was so shocked that I heard it maybe its a sign.

  17. Just foudn thsi page and need to share because I feel crazy telling other people about this (common theme I’ve noticed). When I was younger, I remember getting my dreams and reality confused because I would dream so vividly of interactions before they occurred that when they were actually happening I had such powerful Deja Vu i ended up being confused. Over time, I stopped paying attention to my dreams/intuition becuase it was freaking me out. 5 years ago, I was asleep 200 miles away from my husband when I bolted away because I had a dream he was in a terrible car accident. I called him and sure enough he was on the side of the road with a totaled truck and thankfully, he walked away unscathed. The responding police officer couldn’t figure out how he walked away unharmed but I am so thankful. At this time, I knew that no matter how much I tried to fight the dreams, they were going to come. I don’t like them but I try to not get too worked up.
    1. 5 years ago I was saying goodbye to my dad after my nephews birthday party. As I hugged him I felt a physical wave go through my body and I knew that would be the last time I saw him alive. I begged him to go to the doctor and get checked out. Maybe he knew he was dying too and didn’t want to face it or tell me? Anyways, I tried calling him 2 days later and he didn’t answer his phone and I knew he was dead. My brother went to his house the next morning and found him on the living room floor. (Kills me that I didn’t make him go to the doctor when I saw him. That’s a lot of guilt to carry around.) This does have it’s fun sides though! I dreamt of my daughter while I was pregnant with her and in the dream she had this light bloned hair and was telling me that she was going to join the Army as a medic or something along those lines. She is only 3.5 years old and I will NEVER tell her about the dream and will actually try to persuade her away from joining the military but I know it’s going to happen. I also dream about random people being pregnant before they even know they are pregnant. This gets weird because it can be people I don’t even know very well….like a woman I saw once at work and then 15 weeks later she announced she was pregnant. I just needed to get that all off my chest. There’s more but I feel lighter just sharing these stories 🙂

  18. Ever since I was a kid movie scenes would pop into my head and when I turned on the TV that exact movie during that exact scene would be on. 15 years ago I had the strong sense that I needed to re enlist in the Marines. In September of 2001 I needed to take leave so I flew home to nj from California and as we approach NY I took a photo of the world trade center out my plane window. In August of 1992 I felt the desire to move to Florida with my father a week after I arrived I found myself in the middle of hurricane Andrew. Most recently in may of 2012 I wrote watch out for hurricane Sandy on my Facebook page, and I decided to move home to nj from California. In October she hit. And what freaks me out is that someone erased it from my page. When I re enlisted I had to take the asvab test again and I got a perfect score even though some of the material was stuff I never really studied. Total strangers come up to me and spill their souls. A long time ago I wrote in my journal that I thought hiv might be able to kill cancer 2 years ago I wrote on Facebook inject malignant tumors with deadly viruses death against death. I had a dream recently and a voice said you know your father is going to die. Not too long ago he told me he had pulmonary fibrosis. And the worst thing in the world is ever since I was a kid I had a thought that I was going to be shot and killed by someone. Not in war though. Also I have been studying nuclear warfare since I was 16 and I am now professional in the area doing that work for 10 years in the military. I have been extremely anxious lately because of everything happening in the world the same way I felt before 2001. I’m out of the Marines now but have a strong pull to go back. I’m too old now though which sucks because my friend in the special forces I feel like I want to be next to him. I’m leaving nj for south america I don’t feel safe here but my loved ones are here and I am trying to convince them to move.

  19. I just read your article and got a lot of information. I have always experienced Deja vu’s here and there but I recently moved into a new house and I have gotten one everyday sometimes 3 times a day. I get a glimpse of the future of what’s going to happen. I have never been in this new house not seen it before applying for it. So I know it’s not from an unmemorialable only because I have never been here before but I have had all my deja vu pertaining to this house and seeing it in the visions I get.

  20. I have dreams that come true, first one was in 5th grade in the 1980’s. As an adult, I still have dreams that come true, and can even speak with the person who appears in my dreams only for them to say they dreamt the same thing. I have very deep feelings in my dreams, I know if someone is sad, lonely and hurting, and I can call and check on that person based from that dream only to find they are sad, lonely and hurting. I have very specific dreams about someone from my past who I no longer communicate with, and I wonder if I am connecting with that person in my dreams. I have alot of deja vu also. I did a silly quiz on Facebook tonight that deemed me “precognitive”. Ive never heard the term before, googled it and wound up here. I just thought my dreams were weird and super weird that a hnadful have 100% played out in front of me a day or a few days after dreaming them. I can tell you about these dreams in detail long after Ive had them.

  21. Hi,
    Thank you for this post..
    I was feeling guilty about this gift because I was strange witness of bad things happened with my loved ones.. Just like death of my cousin and similar things..
    I just felt bad when we all all friends were discussing and suddenly I felt about one friend among all as I can’t hear his voice even when he was talking with me… or just like he is not a part of our group.. Or it was something like he was not there despite he was actually… Its unexplainable… !!! And a week after we all got news that he passed away.. !!
    It was worst experience..
    But I now think I need to be positive with this little special gift… !

  22. When I was 10 years old I had a creepy precognitive dream that still haunts me. I was at sleep-away camp. It was my first year going. I only went because my best friend was going, but I ended up having so much fun. On the last night of camp, I have a dream where my cabin group was going into the dining hall to eat breakfast with all the other cabin groups. When we got in there, there was no food in the table, just the usual water an milk jugs. I woke up. That morning, my cabin group walked into the dining hall, and the EXACT scene that was in my dream unfolded in front of me. Anyway, we ended up having this weird breakfast scavenger hunt. I still get creeped out by it. I am a Christian by the way.

  23. I am only 18 years old and for my entire life I have always had these dreams, I can spend hours in a dream viewing an entire day and what is going to happen, unluckily I never see lottery winning numbers :_(. Anyway, the most major dreams I have had that have come true were breaking my leg at 6 years old, predicting my A-level exam results exactly correct at the age of 17 as well as my most recent future prediction/view was passing my driving test last september.

    It is strange yet scary for how well I can predict some days/weeks in the future. I often dream of the same day multiple times where different decisions create various outcomes, this allows me to pick and choose what I want to happen. Still can’t predict the lottery though 🙁

    I hope this interests anyone 🙂

  24. The above points exactly fit into me.I thought that only I was the one who had these precognitive dreams, but when I read this article I got it confirmed that I am a precog! I do get these dreams and when after sometime I am in the same situation as I was in my dreams. The surroundings , the people, everything exactly the same. Is this a gift to some people or majority of people have it ???

  25. I identify myself greatly with this article, though I have to say that the experiences I have had through my lifetime just occur when they do and not when I try to control them. I have learned to recognize the dreams I am supposed to pay attention to by they way I wake up with the feeling of being dropped back into my body with an intense tunnel vision-like experience. Also, sometimes I just know things, or have feelings of things. Sometimes I understand them, sometimes I don’t. I guess I just thought everyone was like this, but as I have grown older, I realize that not the case.

    Even my first memory of this world is not a natural one, and one I quite frankly give God the credit for. I would like to share it, so here it is:

    I was 3 years old, walking down the hallway of my family home. I was headed for the family room when I got a sensation like someone tapping me on the shoulder from behind in order to get my attention. As I turned around, I looked and saw nothing until I looked toward the ceiling, I saw a black wispy fog slowly come down and cover me. I knew I was the only one that could see this, and it felt peaceful and scary. Also, knew I was the only one to hear the words “There is something you are not supposed to remember anymore”. Those words verbatim. I thought for a second, shrugged my shoulder and audibly replied “okay”, and then turned and headed back in the direction of the family room. I remember thinking later that I remembered my family, my name, and what I had eaten, but had no idea what it was I was made to forget. One thing I have always been certain of though, is that was the voice of God. To this day, and I’m now 45, have never questioned that part of it. I did wonder during my teenage and early 20s what it was, and tried self hypnosis and meditation to get me back to that point, but to no avail. Was it a past life? Alien abduction? I had no idea.

    In my late 20s I was looking at a billboard for anti-abortion with the quote “I knew you before you were formed in the womb” So I got to thinking, well if He knew me, then I must’ve known Him. I have finally come to the conclusion that since God gave us free will to either choose Him or not, then that is why my memory was taken so I could do just that. He wants us to love Him because we want to, not because we have to. In John 4:23,24 it states He wants those that will worship Him in spirit and truth. How can I choose to do that if I already know He is God? So, I have chosen Jesus to be my Savior through it all, and a lot of searching has resulted from this first memory.

    There is much more that could be said about various experiences I have had over the years, but I will leave you with just this one for now.

  26. Okay, so I too hesitate to comment, but….
    I have been having normal dreams, and then I will be living my dream. I do not know when or where it will happen until I am actually living in the moment of my dream and reality. It is a very scary feeling. I almost feel like I am in a black out stage, and yet it only last seconds. I feel surrounded by coldness at the time it is happening. It is very sporadic. I am not sure of it is just my brain playing tricks on me, or if I am awakening to something new and unknown to me. Any comments or suggestions. ?

    1. I’ve had visions 12 hours apart from each other. It’s a chilling experience, however the anxiety will be amped up if you resist the gift–I’m speaking out of experience. Try this: “God this willingness you’ve placed in me, let it becoume the source of my gratitude. I am humble to receive this from you.”

  27. I read this article to see if I really am precog or not. The whole article describes me. I had a frightening dream this morning and I had a vision as well and I have been continuously thinking about it and then the whole gut thing, I have a feeling that my friend is in trouble. She is a depressed girl and she has cut herself multiple times and I honestly have been thinking that she may have been put into a mental hospital. I am very worried about it and keep felling like I have been hit in the gut multiple times and I am continuously having visions of her.

  28. I’ve always felt sort of empathic – I have a hard time in large groups with a lot of energy because I get easily drained – but the pre-cognition is fairly new to me and I’m terrified. I have trouble sleeping as is, and now it seems that I’m having precognitive dreams which makes it even harder to sleep. Is there a group I can reach out to for support or help?

  29. My name is Trinity and I see the past present future and basically I see ghost who just tend to really well get the best of me sometimes . they control my everyday life . two of them stay with me all the time . I save people when I see the future . my grandma my grandpa and my mom and everyone seems happy but sometimes it drives me nuts I’m only 12 and this is kind of dumb but thanks I hope that someday I can repay the favor for you having . wrote this for us although I do agree with some of the people who told you that it does seem as though you’ve never experienced this and you seemed to think it was wonderful the only problem is that if you’re seeing the future during a math test ordering the EOG which is end-of-grade testing then it’s not so great I suggest you ask other people how it is to be like this because the way you paint it is not also great in reality it’s not true the way you put it it’s not all hunky-dory fine in the world it actually frightens many of us it frightens us very much anyways I must go but I hope to leave a message later bye.

    1. Dear Trinity,

      I hope you are in good health. May I know, from which country are you from? I’m from Malaysia and I do believe that it’s destiny that brought us here. I’m reaching out to you for hope that your burden will be lessen and that those ghost will stop following you around, as I used to be like that when I was little. With the help from my gramp,he close the seeing eye that enable me to see those things you see as well.

      I pray from here, that you’ll be fine Trinity.


  30. Hello to everyone I like to share my experience with pre-recognitive dreams because it also seems crazy, I don’t know when it was started may be at the age of 17 believe it are not I have an perfect pre recognitive dream when I am in 18 I had this dream. previously before 1and half year ago I had lost my bike,on one day of my holyday afternoon I went to sleep in that sleep I have an dream that I walked out of my house balcony and I saw my lost bicycle was parked on beside of my house on road side I suddenly got that it was mine and I went to see it I recognized it was mine and I shouted who got this bike it was mine,and I turned back and walked in to an small saloon shop of my friend which is near to the bike and I called him that’s it. I have suddenly woke up I got an real strong feeling my bike was really their I ran in to my balcony and I saw it, miracle it was really their I just did what I dreamed like perfectly I went to it and did what I did in my dream I shouted and walked in to sallon and I asked my friend who drove this bike and parked it here ,I found the person who has it and I get by bike back. Can you believe it !. And I also have some more than half dozen of dreams but with not that much accrucy and they are also happened not that quickly they take some time like hours and days may be weeks to happen but some of them are happen exactly and some were happed a bit quite different but they did how crazy is this,I really feel happy to share this with you dudes I think that we who got this dreams have some weird power in us because some time I can feel it but I don’t know what is it good or evil.

  31. I am a natural. I can accurately use my ability to know things long before they happen. I can be sat watching a random movie on a channel that I have never heard of never seen a movie I have not subconsciously seen because it’s new and accurately give details of the names of the characters, ages, features I.e before I’ve seen then or heard of them. This is quite of the natural part to my ability. Very natural. Numbers are another thing in which I can predict numbers on bingo and the order and little things like that.
    Events, sometimes. I can detect tone of voice before a person I do not know has spoken, sometimes it’s easier than others, I know I was born with this ability because when I was 6 years old, I got the first psychic feeling in my backgarden where I met a little girl who’s name i knew by looking at her, her tone of voice and her mannerisms. She was called Beth. I knew before she told me. There’s plenty more but I don’t want to go into detail because I don’t know who is reading and what they’re intentions are. All I can say is like the first guy that commented it’s best to keep this ability as natural as possible, it is only natural after all and practising it could be potentially dangerous. Xxxxx but do as you please

  32. Hello,
    Actually last year I was having precognitive dreams, when I shared my dream with my friend, it stopped, I didn’t see any other precognitive dream.
    Until since a month ago , when these dreams started again, I saw even bigger events, but this time I haven’t told to anyone yet about me dream,
    Will it stop like last year if i share it with someone or not ?
    Because I don’t wanna lose it and I wanna share it too !


    1. Honestly. In your case I’m not sure. Cuz I share mine with only 2 of my very good friends. They’re the only ones that know. And whenever I share them, it doesn’t go away for me. Maybe precognitive dreams affects differently with other people. So it’s depends, maybe.

  33. Hi, I have found this article after searching precognition, I am completely in the dark about all this. I have had very specific dreams before that have happened and just put it down to co-incidence. The reason I am commenting is has anyone before been able to see where people and animals are going to move? This has only been happening the last week, it looks like a shadow moves before they do. I am quite confused about it. Does anyone have the same thing?
    Thank you

  34. While I haven’t experienced some of these, I do experience at least half, and never once have my predictions been wrong before. I also have cues of precognition through bodily sensations, like my spine tingling. I’m bound to develop the rest of these the older i get and the more accustomed I become to my precognition.

  35. I have experienced something totally odd…. Two weeks ago I came down stairs to a pool of water from nowhere, no leak in sight, mopped it up no more water. A week later I subconsciously over watered my plant to the extent it drowned to my dismay, I have never overwatered a plant in my life. That evening I receive a phone call from my mum to say my uncles body was found in a reservoir!

    I am fairly tuned in but this has gone way beyond my comprehension this was a physical action that I was presented with and if I had been able to work it out quick enough could I have stopped my uncles death or are they even linked?

    I play down my abilities in the vain hope they will go away, how ever it appears that they are not going away any time soon and appear to be progressing rapidly, there’s other stuff as well I’m not going to go into great detail but I’m sure you will get the general overview, of the dreams, the knowing, the signs ect.

    I find this ability hard to deal with as people look at you as if your a nutter, and I some times think I’m a nutter. I do experience things on a higher level than most, which has got me to the point where I stay away from people, when I meet people I get instant information on them which is very draining, even when you protect yourself it’s still draining. People instantly talk to you about their lives and issues like you have the answers. To be fair you do have answers but some of them are not what they want to hear.

    People that are fascinated by your abilities have no idea of the pain you go through to deal with them and those who want to develop their abilities in the vain hope they can make money out of them or just be different from their peers, do not understand the consequences of harnessing the so called gifts.

    I can’t explain what happened two weeks ago, but all I can say is once you start to aknowledge these abilities the responsibility that comes with them is heartbreakingly terrifying at times.

  36. I sometimes have dreams that seem nonsensical and meaningless. They appear to be happening less the older I get, or maybe for another unknown reason. I can be somewhere and know exactly what will happen next. I know what a person will be wearing and their gestures and even what they will say. I simply panic when these things happen. I run through my head how I previously responded. I fear saying or doing anything differently that may lead to a different outcome. I consider it though just to see what may happen. As of yet, I have never strayed from the script. There was a time this was happening quite regularly, but not as much now. It’s quite terrifying. The strangest part is that it’s almost always random situations with strangers. How can I know who will get out of a car and what they will be wearing and what they will say to me or even that they will speak to me at all when I have never seen them before?

  37. Hello! I have previously had precognitive dreams but never thought much about it until recently. The other day I had a dream that a friend had her baby without having spoken to her since the baby shower, I sent her a little message telling her about my dream after I woke up and wishing her well and a few hours later she responded and told me she had just had the baby about an hour after my message was sent. Previously, I had a dream that a friend was in a car accident and talked to him a few days later to find he had been. I’m curious as to how to expand on this ability if possible. I’m thinking it’s all more than just coincidence. Any suggestions?

  38. Hello. I will tell you some of my experiences and let you decide. I often see dreams, and while watching them “I” tell my self “this isn’t real, it’s a dream” some times just because something is not normal in the dream (like riding a horse but not feeling the up and downs, or not feeling the air, or not being able to read a newspaper). If that happens I remain awake in the dream and then manipulate it to my whim. I several times accidentally (and without thinking it) unlocked the phones and tablets of others without knowing their code, having them look at me in a strange way. This year for example I told my wife ( while lying in bed, half awake,) “honey, are you going to buy that model of watch for me already or should I go and buy it?”. Her response was “did that friend of yours told you I was planning to?”. I almost spoke without thinking again. On another instance I was speaking to a friend of mine, suddenly started watching me and my friend siting on the couch talking, like if I was above me (?!) and looking down to us. Friends usually call me bad luck bringer, just because I tell bad observations (“oh, look at that car there” and then having the car crushing, smoke coming from the engine… “That cyclist is not well” and then having the cyclist falling down, etc). The bad thing of the whole experience is that 1. I do not control it 2. Never really know I do it until something happens, 3. It’s scaring since it feels like there is an all knowing powerful “deeper” “inner” me coexisting with the normal me, and 4. This usually happens when my conscious thoughts go to zero levels and whatever happens usually comes out from the subconscious. Any thoughts? How should I deal with it or enhance it?

  39. Hi I’m Elise and I believe I’m a precognition dreamer. But the thing is. I mostly get visions of the future, when I’m awake! I hardly get it when I’m sleeping. Like when I’m awake it would be like a few second vision of a picture or something. I’ve had this since I was little, cuz as I grew and came along with my days. I’d get serious Deja vu and freak out sometimes. its crazy cuz I see a lot just by one picture. Once in awhile it’s bad and I’ll end up living that bad moment that I’ve once seen. Example, I’ve had a vision of getting hit or nearly hit by a car while wearing red. Years after.. Deja vu hit me when I almost got hit by a car wearing the exact same red shirt as In the vision I had years ago, my life flashed before my eyes. That was one example. But I have a lot of visions that I’ve lived through as In deja vu, and the rest I haven’t lived yet. But I know what’s coming, I just don’t know when. Would this make me a Precognition Daydreamer?? I really want to ask a lot of questions that can be answered correctly.

  40. My name is Zach, I have been dealing with my premonitions for most of my life. I am 25 now and have been having them as far back as I can remember. I definitely do not view what I am capable of as a gift. Unlike most people or so it seems I have been able to see much further into the future. I have seen and felt my own end. I live every day in fear of another vision coming to reality. They ce in the form of waking dreams and then back to me in the moment. It feels as if I have just a split second to change them or risk being on a path to ruin. This is more of a curse than a blessing/gift for me. I have been searching for years to try and find someone to help me control and use my multiple talents. I feel like a monster and I suppose reaching out on this article is one of my last hopes to try and find solice. To everyone who is reading this and wants to be like us please reconsider. There is not a day that goes by that I would not give it all to be a normal person. if anyone can help please reply. I need to learn and understand what I am. I have other friends who have gifts that are amazing but they fear me. They call me a walking force of nature. I have done things that I don’t even believe I have done and for as scared as they are I’m terrified even further.

  41. um, I’m able to use my precognition, but I can never seem to change what happens. I always end up MAKING it happen. But, if I really channel it….I can see how to avoid it. I can’t make it better, but I can avoid it. Also, my sister has a very weak version of empathy, and she can channel our combined strength. When we hold hands, or anything like that, I experience powerful visions. My aunt, who is also phsycic, said that my sisters empathy is helping my precognition instantly be augmented. She said it will take a long time for my ability to go that far, but she said she doesn’t want me to think they’ll be this big dramatic visions. She also said not to force them. Is there anything I can do to help evolve, handle and control my abilities and gifts more?

    1. My roommate makes my precognition skyrocket. I felt her get into a car accident last week from 20 miles away.

  42. I have been a precog since I can remember. As a child, especially my teen years, it was difficult to discern reality from my dreams, and it got to the point where I could tell people what was about to happen. No one believed me of course. When said event would happen, the people I told would say that my forewarning was a lucky guess. From easy stuff like knowing the next president and winners of races, to the more difficult things like crazy accidents. You know, it sucks to see loved ones die twice.
    You know what else sucks? No matter what I tell people, no matter how strongly i feel about what is going to happen, there is nothing I can do to stop it. NOTHING!
    Being a precog has laid a serious toll on my life. I don’t like to go out because I can see people’s futures.
    I did not realize this was even a real thing until I saw the movie Minority Report. Upon discussing the film with several people, a few of them told me that they had known people like that, and how creepy they thought the real life precogs were. That’s when I started to research.
    I was truly thankful to tthe universe for not being alone for once. Thanks for being there everyone!
    It’s not just about seeing the future, simply put. It’s also the involuntary emotional investment. I saw several family members, and several friends death twice. I nearly pinpointed a day and time for the love of my life. These things, these visions, these emotions are real. Lucky precogs get to see this stuff twice.
    I choose not to dream now. At least, I no longer remember what they were about. When I have the waking visions, I say it out loud, and walk on. I have to call it out, like naming it, kind of. Then move on with my bad self.

    1. I understand what you’re going through. Only 2 of my closest friends really believe me because they have seen how I am when I have a vision.

  43. I am a precog. I have all the above qualifications and have had many experiences. One of the scariest times was last year when my friend was put into a mental hospital. The day I found out I also had had a vision about her being in a hospital of some sort. I also sensed that something was wrong. Earlier in the day I had a vision of her sitting in a room, no sound or anything. She sat there in silence, not moving. Later that day I received an email from her stating that she had been in a mental hospital. I replied back to the email multiple times to find that her phone had been taken away from her dad and that she was fine and I didn’t need to worry about it. I tried contacting her mom and she didn’t tell me anything either. The next week my friend returned to school and many people were asking her questions about why she was gone. She had lied and told everyone that she had been sick with the flu. I knew that wasn’t true and later asked her about it. To my surprise she said that she wasn’t and that she had been in the mental hospital. Of course you can imagine what happened when I told her what I had seen, she didn’t believe me at first but then came to the understanding that I was not lying. Other things are just I have dreamed and then when the event happens I have a flashback to the time I dreamt about the event. I also see the human aura. When people are upset or mad their aura brightens. I also am able to tell emotions of people all around me, whether I know them or not. I also have a very good perception of what and who people are. People feel better around me and often want me around as well. Soon I will be meeting with someone to further discuss my ability and how to strengthen the ability as well.

    1. I have been having dreams like this throughout my life, but it has always been very spaced out until just this year I have been having very vivid deja vus and dreams again. They’re always only at max 10 seconds long and of very simple interactions with people. A string of words and the exact flow of energy between the people present that you felt before clicks so easily in a precognitive brain I think. I have been seeing a lot of comments that are not fond of the ability because of negative predictions that usually involve death. I am really excited to find out that I’m not the only one and that I am a precog, but are there techniques to make sure this does not happen in the future? Discovering I am a precognitive empath explains a lot of things that are happening in my life I would love to research how to manage the positive energy

  44. I get deja vu all the time. I once had this dream back in 3rd grade where i was in the principals office, and the school guidance counselor was kneeling by my chair looking at me. and the principal was looking at me as well. then one day in school, i got into trouble. And that exact thing happened. it was so surprising that i even asked them if this has happened before. i sometimes get dreams that actually happen, but not so much anymore. How can i change this, and what am i capable of?

  45. Hello i’m from india. I have gone through this article which gave me relief and much more encouragement to explore the rare gift of precognitism. I am interersted in the study matter of human dreams and i have been engaged myself to analyse my own dreams and also others. I do remember some serious and major dreams related to my past and present life which almost are related with precognition. I was surprised when some part of my night vision and lucid dreams reflected exactly on the next morning and the day. I met 2 girls through the hint of precognitive dreams, ofcourse i did not see their face but i could feel something is there in the next door. But it is hard to say both girls left me and gone away. I could not handle them because i could not judge and creat space within the sphere of dreams and reality. First i was careless about those dreams related to them and it was complicated for me to understand them. When they both were gone i was totally lost my self with stuff of wine and drugs because not a single day was spared without seeing their dream.But one day i decided to quest the depth between the dream and reality. Later i was serious about this matter and devoted myself within this phenomena. I was tried hard to collect my past events and dreams which was related to them. Those important date day and events was placed in my diary which force me to do a research. Today i got to know many unbelievable facts and some silly mistakes which i had done in reality. Iam still dreaming of my 2nd love and rare of the first one but my 2nd one is important for me because she had a sense of feeling of precognition and we both had a inner sense of mutual understanding which create a strong mutual bond but unfortunately the outer world destroyed that bond and some one was strongly interfered in her life and snacthed her away from my hand. Now she is far away from me and she also forgotten me but iam still dreaming her and also dream that evil boy who took my 2nd love and left her in the middle of the desert of loneliness. I dont know what is going on in her life but i still hope i will rejoin with her throuh the outer unseen energy of our surrounding which was united us. iam in progress but i need a consultant compannion who could help me in this way

  46. I was glad to find a name to what i have been feeling over the years. There has been dreams that at first i disregarded but later on happened. For example: there was a period of time i dreamed constantly with water…. big waves….scary waves. Later on, my famiky went into a distressful time with some neighbors. …. so now i understand that every time i dream with water, it means trouble. Also, the fact that out of nowhere i think of people and later on i hear from them or i see them. ….. there has been cases when a certain thought comes into my head and later it happens…
    Several times when i am around groups of people like in church, i feel overwhelmed and i want to cry…..sometimes it is sadness, sometimes it is happiness, and sometimes even anger!!!
    I didn’tknow what was wrong eith me until now that i read this article!!! Thank you. …

  47. The past few days have been very eventful in the sense of precognition for me. I’ve been searching for answers. I’m only 17 but I know where this stems from.. My father told me stories about his precognition, but he used it poorly and became a bad, bad man. He knew I would be a girl and that was his most prideful dream interpretation. I’ve always had Deja Vu, the gut feelings, the empathy, the crazy draw of people to me, and especially the dreams. I’ve become good at interpretation but sometimes I don’t like the way it happens so I try to interpret it different, of course that doesn’t work and I’m right the first time. It started becoming a daily thing recently because I simply said, “I really want to know more about this, and have the ability to control and interpret better.” To my mother. And since then I got my wish. I’ve predicted events from the past 2 days. I would appreciate knowing more about this and what I can do with it. I hate to call it a “power”. I hate that word, I call it “My gift”. And I am greatful to have something so special and phenomenal be a part of me. Please get back in contact with me. You have my email. If not my Instagram is a good way to reach me, @spinach_pizza_ari Thank you in advance.

  48. Many years ago, I had a daydream about a person dying in a car accident. The dream had very specific details. Two months later, the person really did die in a car accident with the same details.

  49. Good Evening, well First Off just wanted to thank the person who wrote this cause I believe many other in our situation may need some guidence an just having some where to seek information is always a plus, as for me seeking advice or insight from anyone was not an option for me, I tackled my new found strengths alone one by they abruptly woke up inside me, scary for a 10 yr old but what’s giving can’t be given back. They started off with dreams the same 4 dreams over an over, calling it a dream is an understatement this was real & vivid.. Repetitively occurring till I was 21 at 15 I was a pro at reading individuals an the energy they give off whether good bad or insidiously evil intentions making it easier to understand my surroundings this way I’m out of harms way. Now 33 an something is calling me Advice please

  50. When i was a kid about 14 practicing and controlling my energies was a daily thing and when my friends saw what i could do they asked me to teach them so they could do amazing things to so i did and they developed abilities most would call crazy.

    Anyways when i was 15 i added an extra step to my training that had an unexpected effect, for an hour a day i would meditate while transfering my energies from arm to arm leg to leg and anywhere i wanted the energy to go within. The extra step i addad was staring into a cristal ball, at first the only extra benafit was a hightend awareness after about a month i had a vition of the future in a dream someone close to me was drowning and i was powerless to help. The next day i told everyone i cared about family friends everyone to stay away from water for a month, two weeks went by without a hitch i got into an argument with one of my best friends he left with a group of peaple to go to a popular swimming spot and ended up drowning i felt terrible about it and felt bad that it couldent be prevented and that i had lost my best friend.

    After that i learned how to not only controle the precog ability but figured out how to triger the vitions whenever needed to the point that i was predicting everything and even changing the outcomes of cirten events. Not everything could be changed some things happend no matter what i did but other things were preventable.

  51. In reading through the comments about peoples experiences and opinions of whether they see their abilities a gift or curse it reminded me, as a precog, that I too went through the both ends of the spectrum thing sometimes cursing the gift then realizing my angst was only because at the time I considered it inconvenient in trying to maintain a level of normalicy. The thing is you’re not normal. You experience things others don’t. On the other end of the spectrum…holy moly! What a ride! And here’s the bonus… who’s to say ones psychic ability only stops at precog? Levels are levels. Some levels are tests. Call it expanding ones existence. and remember you’re not normal. A story I found in a book kind of summed up the beginning of the beginning of my journey in relative thought……Once there were objects in a river clinging to the rocks for fear if they let go the river would sweep them away and they would be destroyed. One of the objects became so tired of clinging to its rock that it felt that it did not let go it would surely die so it let go. The river bounced this object along the bottom for a time until eventually the river picked the object up and into its flow. The object was so glad for letting go, overcoming its fear of the unknown, and looking forward instead of going nowhere. Another object farther downstream saw this object floating by and proclaimed “Look! A miracle”!

  52. My face muscles vibrate. When something bad gonna happen left eyebrow vibrate and right one when good gonna haapen. But a lot of times it vibrates when solving problems if i am wrong it tells me right at that time. Pls help am i precogniting future. Soryy my grammer is weak . i am from india thank you.

  53. I’m lost right now, everyday I feel as if I’m suppose to do or be something more like my expectations of life in its self were set to high from the start. I have many upon many times like you wrote about experienced this precognition. I have been in Walmart and had not talked to my little sister for months. I didn’t really know that she was gonna be there but instead had just started to think about her than boom she walked around the corner wired thing is she yelled to her friend I told you so! I knew he would be in Walmart. Even though she has two Walmart’s allot closer. It’s happened many times where I would think about an ex girlfriend or somebody who I didn’t want to see like my father or his g.f. and boom they show up. It has happened so many times to many times to be coincidence. Also I can feel when people are behind me or if I’m at home alone and they walked in but I did not know it I could feel them in the house I knew they were there. As far as dreams I have had many reoccurring dreams in the past especially when I was younger and da ja vu when that happens it’s such a strange feeling I can’t describe it IV never really looked into it just kinda kept moving forward and within the last six months these things have started to stop all of it even before I would know things were gonna happen before they happen it was usually something simple but 89℅ of the time it always related to somebody else another person never something else. And a ? About de ja vu I have been lead to believe my whole life that de ja vu was related to something that happen in the past and not the future. I want to understand it. I don’t believe in magic or much in religion. I wish to acknowledge my purpose though and I feel like it has something to do with this.

  54. Thank you for this Ari Starr.

    The last 5 years I went threw a very bad depression, including some suicide attempts. However this February 2017 i started to snap out of it. I started to “wake up” all of a sudden. Felt better and just had feelings that i had nothing to fear and everything was going to be ok.

    I have always been a very lucid dreamer and can remember my dreams vividly from very young age. Ive always loved to dream. Its a favorite past time of mine.

    Since Ive come out of my depression however the dreams Ive had from years ago have started to come true. Nothing negative or bad. All good positive ones. When it started happening I was almost in shock. I thought maybe I was gong crazy or making it up and doubting myself. I am apart of a mental health group and I brought it up there and knowbody seemed to know what I was talking about.

    For example… I would walk into a grocery store and everyone in the store looked familiar. Like when you see someone you went to elementary school with but cant remember there name. Only it was everyone in the store! Another example is going into a place I have never been to or knew even existed and right when I walk in its like a wave of energy hits me and I knew I dreamed about that place. I even knew my way around but again never been to the place. It has happened 4 times now.

    I started to test myself. Remember only the lucid dreams that I have had. Details like what buildings looked like, where bodies of water were located. Landmarks I remember like fallen trees or a logo of a sign. Using google earth and street views Ive been able to track down places I dreamed but never knew existed. I even drove to a location got out of my car and looked around and from then I knew, something was happening to me.

    I have gotten to the realization that I am without a doubt seeing places and future events that Im going to go to.

    I just know its GOING to happen and the shock has worn off to an extent.

    Now that Ive excepted that this is real and there are many more future events and places im going to be without a doubt, what do I do now?

    I know whats going to happen with 100% confidence. I cant explain it, I just know!

    Now what? What do I do with this gift? Where can I go to learn more about it and fine tune it?

    There is way more information to all this then I can share in a public forum like this, plus I would take up all the comment space. 🙂

    Im extremely grateful for this blog and thank you for your incite!

  55. I have always had odd things happen to me since I am 3. So I always had a belief in extrasensory. In my 20’s and 30’s, I ignored it and dismissed it, and chalked things up to coincidence. But know that I hit 50, and I am wiser, and actively seeking a more serene balanced life, I am experiencing more precog, and paranormal dreams…and signs when I am awake…It would be nice since I have finally accepted it if I could understand it more.

  56. I have had deja vu since I was a child, and now its almost every day but I’m starting to recall every aspect of my day. And get this someone talks through my dreams, I cannot see a face all I do is hear a voice and i can not tell if its a man or a woman. Although I know its meant to guide me, I’m becoming scared. As well as when I was ten years old I was in a church praying on my knees an older lady placed her hands on mine and prayed with me when I looked up to see her face she was gone but I could still feel her hands. I also have seen many ghosts. And have had plenty of experiences. Also when my ex boyfriend died he came in my dreams I asked one time why do you look normal I thought you were dead and he said he was. And I’ve fallen asleep feeling his arms around me when I woke up. I really need some type of guidance these occurrences are getting stronger and happening every day. Its seriously driving me crazy not knowing what they mean or what I’m supposed to do next. I really need more advice on how to take control so I don’t feel like I’m going insane. I am an empath and every thought or when someone is speaking to me it plays out in my head like a movie. I really hope someone can help.

  57. Two weeks ago,I felt like somebody would gonna ask me about a basketball league on our homeplace. I was patiently waiting for that. Last week, one of the fastfood crew asked me that question. The mysterious thing is that I did not know that fastfood crew. I’m just new employee on the company in front of that fastfood. Related situations like signs 3 and 4 usually happening on me. Am I precog?

  58. It makes me crazy to be precognitive.
    I don’t want to know all that I know, it is terribly isolating.

  59. It’s funny how googling landed me here, to say. Mine started with lucid dreams, a term I just knew the other day, thanks to Google again, coz I thought I was the only one having dreams where I’m conscious over whats happening and in control. and I died many times coz I dared. but then woke alive in the morning. I had a feeling on many occasions when I was gonna do something, like when I had an accident on my bike, I knew it before it happened when I lost my fee and many more. I haven’t a lot of friends to tell these things so they can know I was right, but when I told someone, that’s how the stuff stopped, felt better coz I wouldn’t blame myself over natural causes.

  60. I’ve been experiencing these weird dreams for a while. They aren’t vivid or out of the ordinary it’ll just be a normal day at school then someone will say or do something strange, then I wake up. Of course, I’ve thought nothing of it but some days after the same thing happens in real life. I’ve thought nothing of it but it’s started to Happen more frequently. I can across the word precognition and somehow it looked familiar. I looked for an explanation and it sounded just like what I’ve been experiencing. I was a little creeped out but this is actually really interesting.

  61. This is SOOO weird. People think I’m crazy when I tell them, but it’s true! I mean what I’ve seen isn’t what you might call a BIG deal, But what I see is more like random titbits, it’s making me feel crazy and everyone thinks I’m a nut. One time when I was 5 I saw a road that leads to a place in California called Lake Tahoe. Keep in mind I have NEVER been there and I see this road. Then five years later I go to Lake Tahoe and I don’t see it. But then I do when I come back. The SAME EXACT ROAD. It winded around a cliff and then dropped as a cliff to a tiny city. My mom said I must have seen it from a movie she watched with me. But I know that’s not true. Because I watched the movie for the first time 8 months ago and it had mature content and I would only be 5 so I’m sure I didn’t watch it. And Today for example last week and 3 days ago I saw my brother playing with his broken iPad. And TODAY he friggin played with his broken iPad in the exact way I saw. Nobody believes me, and I’m honestly glad I found this site.

  62. I think I’m precog because I’m having dreams and the same things are happening and I’m really sensitive to cold and I have constant dajavu and more I just get the feeling but I’m not entirely sure I know I have it but I’m scared to admit it it’s super scary I had a dream where I went camping again and I was watching people play football outside and one guy came up and asked if this jacket was mine and the same exact thing happens and plenty more dreams but I can’t control it I’m not even joking I’M NOT! I’m so scared is anything bad going to happen like ghost my heart is racing right now but really I’m serious.I’m literally balling right now if you`re wondering I’m in 8th grade it’s freaky and no I’m not a naturally born precog and I’m just calling it precog ok I don’t want people to think I’m a freak though is precog a power or what I need help!!

  63. Never have I commented on something before so this is a strange feeling for me…Anyways I really like your article it is my favorite one:) I didn’t know what a precognitive dreamer\abilities was, until I search to find the answer I was looking for. I stumbled upon your article and read it from top to bottom! This is great information you provided for everyone, thank you. I wanted to tell you that I am and have these precognitive dreams and abilities. They actually happen to me constantly non-stop every time and everywhere I go through the day, but I’m having a problem with knowing something about it? When you are dreaming and you use all these abilities you mention, is it possible to access or unlock more of your brain? It’s hard to describe.

  64. Hi, I’m Garrett, after reading it, I discovered what I am. I’m not scared. I just want to know why I can control these abilities on a daily basis and dream of these dreams on a daily basis? My whole life… I walk around observe the surround and sound but blah blah it doesn’t matter I can do this. What matters is how I should use this to make Earth a better place, but I can’t. No one is like me and no one is like you. This isn’t a gift at all haha. This is your spirit guiding you to what life has in store for you. My whole life I have been humble hold the door for everyone ever was walking out or in it with me holding it there. Sadly you won’t get a thank you. I’m good looking but small dude. I’m intelligent as well. Words are the most powerful thing in life. How can we remember all of them? We can’t, but the one she I do wish our the ones in my dream and numbers. If you have this spirit don’t piss it off make it happy by doing good in society, trust me. Even if you do good your whole life yeah nice guys finish last but guess what you get to see what others can’t. What I want to know from this article is if I’m dreaming and my subconscious picks up my mom about to walk down the first step to the basement to wake me up and I pick that up that she’s coming down to my room while I’m in my dream, and I’m not using any of my 5 natural senses how can I do that? Is their a 6th?

  65. I tend to withdraw myself from people. I have enough of my own problems, enough of my own feelings. No one would believe me or understand. I see what’s going to come and I’ve tried telling people, even when it happens it’s the same. “It was just a coincidence don’t be crazy” sometimes I simply tell someone to pretend for a second I know everything they’ve felt and said and done and ask me then how I should feel, because that’s how it is. More curse than blessing I’d say.

  66. Sometimes I hear voices calling my name when I’m alone and sometimes random thoughts come into my head and a little bit afterwards someone says what I thought and sometimes i see things that are not there sick as shadows or shapes. Once when I was five I saw a glowing figure in my room reaching out with its hand. Sometimes if I touch something related to an object I can find another object. I dreamed if an earthquake and two days later a 7.1 earthquake happend.

  67. Sometimes I just know things and sometimes I can find things and people and when I am in a crowd I feel overwhelmed with feeling’s and thoughts.I can sometimes read the minds of people who are overwhelmed by life or people who are depressed.I sometimes dream future events and can also sense precences. I have seen beyond the living plane and the things I have seen have scared the sh#t out of me. My mother tells me she was like me when she was younger but less powerfull. I don’t belive in spirits or spirtiful stuff. I also don’t belive in clairvoyance either. I have a better named for the gifts we share. My name is oscar and I am 14 years old and I have the SHINNING.

  68. I am indigo adult…
    Amateur precog dreamer,empath,healer,ambivert,etc…
    I would like to chat with anyone.

  69. WOW. Like most of you I was looking for answers when I happened upon this page. Wow because I realize that I’m not alone. For years I’ve lived with this fear that something was wrong with me and if I told anyone about the things I saw, they would surely lock me away. I don’t believe the gift, or curse, of precognition can be controlled. At least I have never been able to do it. I just can’t sit down and predict the future. It just happens. Sometimes I know it’s happening, and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes things come to me in bits and pieces. I dwell on it, and it comes together in my mind. If the answer is on the tip of my tongue, and I just start talking to myself, it may pop out. Sometimes I never get the whole picture, just parts of it.

    My premonitions, or precognitions, have always been about bad things. Accidents, disasters, and catastrophic events were the things I saw. It’s frightening to see these things, and you know that if you tell anyone about it, you can become the focus of an investigation into it. If you foresee an airplane accident, you could be accused of having something to do with causing it. A train wreck, the same thing; especially if terrorism was determined to be the cause. I keep my thoughts to myself and stay out of the limelight.

  70. I’m not sure why it took me so long to find a name for this thing that is happening to me all my life: precognitive empath. I accidentally came across this page, but maybe I did not need a name or definition. Throughout my life, I am aware of the energies, thoughts, and feelings of other people, and most of all their intentions. This last thing, I think is the most important in our acts, whether they are ultimately selfish or include the welfare of other people. I do not see myself as an individual separated from other people but I think we are all connected to one big energy field. All our actions, thoughts and words affect our lives and the world as a whole. A book that has, long ago, opened my eyes in that sense is The Field by Lynne McTaggart but these ideas are in the Bible and the books of other religions. I always had a problem with setting the boundary between myself and the rest of the world. As much as this ability offered opportunities it was at the same time exhausting. Several years ago, after a particularly difficult termination of the relationship, which I now know was condemned to failure, almost all my energy reserves were depleted – a typical empath/narcist relationship. There was almost a total emotional breakdown, but I knew it was one of my most important lessons in life. Meditation and prayer have led me to unexpected results. I started dreaming precognitive dreams. Some needed less, some more time, but they were all coming true. This used to happened to me before but not with this intensity. In some strange condition between sleep and reality, I could initiate insights into the future even though I did not have control over what I would see. All of this has resulted in a feeling of balancing between the two worlds. I think the price of such insight is pretty high. I stopped doing it even though I still dream dreams that come true, but not so often. I’m glad to know that there are other people like me because sometimes I feel like a total alien. It seems there are even more and more sensitive people and I have a theory: the world is progressing technologically. Internet enters our lives, and maybe soon in our bodies. Perhaps nature through people like us wants to remind us that we are already part of the big body, the network of life we have forgotten to read. Teaching us to connect with each other and be aware of nature. Do we really need technology to connect? When I imagine myself in the perfect environment that brings me peace, I always see myself in a ​forest, surrounded by​ nature and lots of green. Be brave and positive.

  71. For many years I have shown the signs. I know who is calling before I even look at my phone. I think of someone and they drive-by. I even use my turn blinker where Road used to be without ever being there. My dreams have come true. And I see things at times before they occur. I feel the loss but I am miles away from the person losing their lives. I had a panic attack the day a grandparent of mine died and the only thing I can think of was their face. Intuition is never wrong even though I feel to always listen. But I am a Christian and I am scared that this is only the Devils attempt to steal my soul. Please help me to understand why these things occur if I believe In Jesus Christ as my savior. I’ve read the Bible front to back and I know that spiritism and medium beliefs are contrary to what mine are. But why do I feel the things I feel.

  72. I have always had something like this since I can remember. I don’t know why but for some reason I feel I need to figure it out right now and I’m 38. Tomorrow is my birthday and this week I have had the strong feelings that I need to see if anyone else who really is a real one can actually feel it in someone else. Like if you read this can you actually feel there is something about me or not?

  73. I felt waves of intense energy flow from head to toe with enough energy to make my knees tremble. I am precog and it has become stronger in the last 6 months. All of what you wrote I experience. I can even hear the dead.

  74. Hello, I am new to the concept of precognition, clairvoyance and other things. But for the past year I’ve fallen under the category of clairvoyant, and precognition. My dreams have taken place months in advance before the actual event happens. For instants, last month I had a dream I was at work and what I thought were stars fell from the sky. It caused no damage to our planet but when one of the stars fell from the sky it caused a mini explosion not far from me. When I woke up I didn’t know what to make of it. But with all the dreams I’ve had prior to this one I knew it would come true. I live in the metro Detroit Area, and I work midnights. Last night, while at work, we had meteors touchdown all over metro Detroit. This event has helped me confirm that I fall under the category of precognition. I have a lot of good emotions about. I feel like it is a gift, I would just like to know more about. This article is amazing and thank you for sharing it. For someone who is new to this topic, this a very comforting post.

  75. I have precognitive dreams in all stages of my life like childhood, teenage..etc. Now I am 37 years old. My soul triggered my odds in dreams in advance. Later I did some research on psychic phenomena and my friends agreed that my soul is a realized soul. Those whose soul is realized, their soul will warn some odd events in advance in dreams. These events may be happy/bad/ill/death/accident in their own life of path. I have this ability since my childhood. My first dream at the age of 7years which warned me an accident beside my house. at the age of 8, I met with an accident in the same place with minor injuries. Again I have a dream that, my soul flying on National Highway near a small hill. at the age of 29, I met with a Motorcycle accident with major injuries. but I survived. Now I am 37, still, I have some odd dreams that my soul is triggering for my future. My destiny cant be changed. I am accepting my life what it is.

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